Friday, June 24, 2005

Why? Because We Can...Live From CSPAN

Listen to this - it's unbelievable.

I was listening to Randi Rhodes today, when a caller told about this vote she heard on CSPAN. Now, I don't have all the details yet, but from what I can tell, there was a vote to decide whether or not to make the jettisoning of pensions by United a precedent, so that every big company that wants to declare bankruptcy can bail on their employees' pensions, too, and pass it on to the taxpayers instead. Democrats put forth an amendment to not make it a precedent. So they decide to take a 'voice vote', ayes and noes. The chair decided that the 'noes' carry it.

But do they? Listen for yourself and tell me what you think. I had to include Randi's comment afterwards, because it was so apropos. Fortunately, she played the clip enough times that I was able to do an audio capture.

I'll follow up with names, etc., as soon as I find them.

Okay - the chair's name is Adam Putnam, a Florida congressman from Winter Haven (an area that I know very well... *sigh*). The corruption and abuse of power is just beyond belief.


Robert Rouse said...

The chair had it right on one point, the "KNOWS" had it.

oldwhitelady said...

It just gets worse and worse. No new taxes... Cut back the taxes so the rich don't pay as much. Allow these big companies to bankrupt AND allow them to bankrupt the pension plans. The retirees get the shaft. The taxpayers get the shaft. I bet the bigwigs taking the Co to bankruptcy, get to keep their major bucks stashed offshore. They really don't need the pension plan, because they have so many millions a year income.

wanda said...
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wanda said...

You see folks this is what Bush means when he talks about an ownership society . They the wealthy/robber barrons own us the poor folks/lower& middle classes. I'm guessing we'll be the service society .
Very similiar to slavery without that nasty race thing.
What astounds me is the fact that the ostrich people , continue to vote for and elect these power hungry robber barrons.
What? You mean they [ ostrich people ] may NOT really be voting for them [power hungry robber barrons]? So we could be not only having our future stolen from us but, our vote as well?
What kind of people would do such things as this?

By the way, Alicia, my post is on a very similiar subject. Goes to show great minds do think alike!

Alicia Morgan said...

Wanda, Robert and OWL, you are right on the money (pardon the expression!). That's what I mean by 'the chickens have voted for Col. Sanders', as JC Watts' father so eloquently put it. People have been so hornswoggled by the Karl Rove/Frank Luntz machine that they are merrily voting against their own best interest. Nobody wants to believe that voter fraud is really possible here. It's much too frightening to think that it's possible in the good ol' US of A.