Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've Joined the Big Brass Alliance

Since the mainstream media is thundering ahead like a herd of turtles on the Downing Street Memo, it seems to be left to us to make enough noise about this thing to get the attention of the general public. I'll be posting as much info on all the goings-on as I can.

I don't think my powers of persuasion are up to the task of changing the minds of the Hootervillians, but my personal goal is to try to engage the people who 'just aren't interested in politics' - the ones who, if they really knew how bad things were, maybe would reconsider their disengagement.

As I've said before, I've been jacked up ever since I heard about the Downing Street Memo, and first posted it about it on May 3. The Big Brass Alliance seems to be a positive, concerted force and I want to be a part of taking action on this.

It's late, but on my next post I'll be listing all kinds of resources and ways to make our voices heard. In the meantime, click on the Big Brass Alliance and the After Downing Street logo on the sidebar for more info!

Let's 'disassemble' this corrupt régime!

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Robert Rouse said...

Good job, Alicia. I would encourage everyone who is tired of the lack of coverage over the Downing Street Memo to continue (or begin to post about it on your blog. Also contacr your representatives in the House and the Senate and ask for an inquiry. Write or call the local media in your hometown and ask them to start covering the Downing Street Memo. Do all you can. The press won't help us, so it's up to us to fight the good fight, Join the Big Brass Alliance or put a link or banner to After Downing Street Dot Org or Downing Street Memo Dot Com on your web site. We're making small advances every day and every person who joins in the effort makes us that much stronger.