Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Top 5 Music Meme

Crabletta of The Curmudgeonly Crab tagged me with the Music Meme...I've never done this before, so here goes...

Top 5 Music Meme -

1. Top 5 lyrics that move your heart

1. "And the heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends" - Rainbow Sleeves (sung by Rickie Lee, written by Tom Waits)
2. "Change gon' come - oh yes it will" - Change is Gonna Come
3. "Many rivers to cross
And it's only my will that keeps me alive
I've been licked, washed up for years
And I merely survive because of my pride" - Many Rivers To Cross
4. "Let her cry, for she's a lady - let her dream, for she's a child - let the rain fall down upon her - she's a free and gentle flower growing wild" - Wildflower
5. "Kept some letters by his bed - Dated nineteen sixty-two - He had underlined in red - Every single "I love you" - He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

2. Top 5 Instrumentals

1. "Ruby, My Dear", Thelonious Monk
2. "Hip-Hug Her", Booker T. and the MGs
3. "Naima", John Coltrane
4. "Machine Gun", the Commodores
5. "Hideaway" (by Freddie King), Stevie Ray Vaughan

3. Top 5 musical experiences

1. Led Zeppelin - Tampa Stadium, 1973 - what more needs to be said?
2. Playing a piano in Japan that Beethoven had once played
3. Being asked by Jack Segal ("When Sunny Gets Blue") to sing a song that he wrote at his final concert.
4. Having Carole King jam with a band I was in.
5. Listening to my husband sing for the first time.
4. Top 5 Artists you think more people should listen to
1. Eva Cassidy
2. Rickie Lee Jones
3. Cold Blood
4. David Morgan (my husband)
5. Anne McCue
5. Top 5 Albums you must hear from start to finish
1. Thelonious Monk's Greatest Hits
2. Pearl - Janis Joplin
3. Learning to Crawl - the Pretenders
4. Crosby, Stills and Nash
5. Girl at her Volcano - Rickie Lee Jones
6. Top 5 Musical Heroes
1. Patrice Rushen
2. Chrissie Hynde
3. Sam and Dave
4. Al Green
5. Gladys Knight
I had a really hard time with this; there's so much left out...


Anonymous said...

the volcano is truly the RLJ record that I continue to enjoy. Do you know anything about when and where the live recordings were done and who were "tony michael and reggie" and the other musicians. She has done numerous recordings of "standards" but the ones on Volcano have such an incredible energy and sense of abandon....I love all her records but this one seems to be the height of her career to me.

Robert Rouse said...

Ooh, tag me, tag me! (doing my finest Arnold Horseshack impersonation)

Alicia Morgan said...

Well, I'm not sure whether 'Michael' is Ruff or Boddicker (or someone else), but Tony and Reggie are Tony Braunagel and Reggie McBride, drums and bass respectively. They are both good friends of mine who I've played with a lot over the years, and Tony is producing my girl band's record right now. They are both just incredible. I'll ask Tony about particulars.

That record just rips me up. I literally get goosebumps every time I hear 'Rainbow Sleeves"

Alicia Morgan said...

Robert - tag, you're it! I know you'll do a bang-up job!

kissfan said...

"Change gon' come - oh yes it will"

The most moving song I have ever heard. I could never understand the fascination with Sam Cooke until I heard this song. It is absolutely brilliant.

Alicia Morgan said...

I agree with you, kissfan. Just that first line - "I was born by the river" - it soars. Sam Cooke was the most influential singer of that era - how many singers (including Steve Perry) borrowed from his bag over the years!

kissfan said...

I would have to say that Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On" comes about as close as anything else. Maybe a little "People Get Ready" by the Impressions, too.

But you're right, Sam Cooke started it all. What a great voice.

Alicia Morgan said...

yes to both of those - Marvin rules; and Otis, of course.

kissfan said...

Of course.