Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm So Proud!

What an amazing thing. Helen Wheels mentioned how jazzed she was to have been a part of the Downing Street Hearing, and she's right on, because she took action. We all took action, kept writing, kept talking, signed our names, wouldn't let the story fade into the woodwork like BushCo and their lemmings the MSM desperately hoped it would do if they pretended it was nothing.

These pictures are from the Brad Blog, and his site has all the juicy details.

And of course, as you might expect, the response was...I'll let John Conyers tell it:
• Of course we were not done. About ten members and I proceeded to caravan over to the White House, where we delivered the letter signed by more than 560,000 Americans and 122 Members of Congress demanding answers. There were several hundred protestors at the White House along with least a dozen cameras.. In front of all of these witnesses, the White House staff refused to permit any of us to enter. They did take the petitions, but I would think that sitting Members of Congress deserve a bit more respect.
Par for the course, I'd say...

Mad crazy props to After Downing, the Big Brass Alliance, and all the sites and bloggers and signers and talk show hosts and organizations who made this happen.

The revolution starts now.

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Anonymous said...

John Conyers has really earned a high regard and respect in my mind! He's such a focused and hard-working gentleman!