Monday, June 27, 2005

Serf City, USA

Blow after blow after blow is being dealt to the average American, as the corporations and big money interests get gift after gift, stolen from the American people. The Wal-Martization of America is fast approaching, where people working full-time are on Medicaid and food stamps, and private property can be snatched away at a whim. Where those with the most money are not responsible for their debts and obligations, and dump them onto the taxpayer, but those with the least are responsible not only for their debts, but usurious fees on top of them.

Welcome to Serf City, USA.

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Unknown said...

I feel like you lately; that I'm too sane and too sensitive! That's why I blog too.

Also I blog because I'm completely broke (can't even pay rent this month, yet anyway, hope I don't get evicted), can't afford health or dental insurance, can't afford satellite tv (it's cheaper even than cable), etc., etc., etc.

I'm yet another the poster child of the bush administration. I'm an adult woman professional with an awesome resume and experience, whose work literally wows people, and I'm broke. Why? Because I am a single woman and an artist, who does not hold traditional views. People like me are the ones who have to be gotten rid of in this new, neocon society. Artists, original thinkers, intellectuals, humanists, scientists - we're all threats, because we know ourselves and refuse to be fooled by the smoke-and-mirrors display that is indeed fooling those who don't take the time to really look.

It's so depressing. I loved your post that Mike was supposed to read as well. I hope you keep going. Your writing is incredible.

Oh and your musical knowledge/experiences sound incredible too!!

Keep your chin up doll!! :)