Saturday, June 04, 2005

Downing Street - It's Not Just For Democrats Anymore!

In spite of the concerted, even heroic efforts by the right wing and their sock-puppets the mainstream media to trivialize, patronize, minimize, and dismiss the Downing Street Memo, a few free-thinking (or just 'thinking') Republicans are stepping up and talking sense.

Here's a succinct but blistering column about the Downing Street Memo.
George W. Bush and his gang of neocon warmongers have destroyed America’s reputation.

It is likely to stay destroyed, because at this point the only way to restore America’s reputation would be to impeach and convict President Bush for intentionally deceiving Congress and the American people in order to start a war of aggression against a country that posed no threat to the US. America can redeem itself only by holding Bush accountable.

As intent as Republicans were to impeach President Clinton for lying about a sexual affair, they have a blind eye for President Bush’s far more serious lies.

Bush’s lies have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people, injured and maimed tens of thousands more, devastated a country, destroyed America’s reputation, caused one billion Muslims to hate America, ruined our alliances with Europe, created a police state at home, and squandered $300 billion dollars and counting.

Here's the rest...

Now, who would you think wrote that? Greg Palast? Molly Ivins? Robert Scheer? Seymour Hirsch? Me?

Nope. All wrong. It was written by Paul Craig Roberts, a conservative Republican, former Reagan Administration official and syndicated columnist, former editor and columnist for that pinko rag the 'Wall Street Journal', as well as a list of fellowships and think-tank bona fides that would make any conservative swoon with ardor.

So if someone with the impeccable conservative credentials of Dr. Roberts can see the light on this issue, there may be some hope yet to bring it into the mainstream. This has to be a bipartisan effort to be effective and convince the American people of the seriousness of this memo and what it entails.

Here are some more of his articles

Check out the Big Brass Alliance for more information about the Downing Street Memo.


jarnocan said...

Thank you so much for highlighting this. We are going to need the somewhat decent republicans -frugal, non-neocon types to cooperate in this matter.
the republican party should NOT be synonymous with lies, fraud, hate mongering and treason.
Many conservatives and still care about patriotism, democracy and our country's economic health.

wanda said...

I am so glad to see this thing picking up momentum. Maybe this one won't be like all the others and go the way of Rathergate/Newsweek.
On the other hand what's the best we can hope for? Getting Bush impeached? Think of who that leaves in the oval office. Do we really want Bush to go if he doesn't take his DICK along with him? Sometimes I think the Bush is all that keeps the DICK from raping and pillaging, not only our country but the world at large.

Crabbi said...

If Congress grows a set, investigates and finds this administration guilty of lying us into war, it won't be only Bush's ass on the line. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolofowitz, Rice, etc. will have to pay the price, too. And then this thing will snowball. Our lazy, sleepy MSM may start to act like journalists again, may just decide that they like it and do a little investigating of their own. And imagine the rage of the American people when they learn what so many of us have known all along - these guys are lying, thieving, war-mongering sociopaths.

This may sound like wishful thinking, but it could happen. Look at all of us banding together - look what we can do. We just might be able to kick Bush and Eponymous the hell out of office. All of us - Dems, Repubs, people of all faiths, the nonbelievers, anyone but the most diehard neocon or Rapture rightie.

Great post, Alicia!

Alicia Morgan said...

Whether we actually achieve removal of these thugs from office is, I should think, secondary to the aim of what was called in the 60s good old-fashioned 'consciousness raising'. If we can get people to where they can make their voices and values heard and paid attention to, perhaps we can keep BushCo, Inc, Unlimited, from blowing up the world till we can kick the Radical NeoCon-Rapture Right out and get a more sensible balance of powers in office in 08.

But the issue of the press is what concerns me the most. I actually don't think they are as lazy as they are afraid of reprisal. I mean, look what has happened already to those who dare to challenge His Majesty the Baby...this needs to change and it needs to change now.

Robert Rouse said...


You don't know how badly I wish someone would organize a march on Washington like we used to have in the '60s and early '70s. I've already started writing my own protest songs in anticipation of any "events" in my area. Maybe this will awaken some old Hippies and radicals from their stupor. They really knew how to organize back then. Imagine what they could do today with the help of the Internet!

Crabbi said...

Guess I'm getting a little greedy, but hey, why not. I want it all: impeachment, a war crimes trial, and for us to start to atone for this mess.

You're right, though, people's consciousness does need to be raised, or we could end up getting rid of Bush and getting someone else who isn't all that much better. We need more grassroots movements to build a truly progressive party. As for the media, yeah, they're scared, but they also have one eye on the ratings.

Robert, I think many of the hippies may already be awake. Have you noticed how many people at rallies and protests seem to be well into their fifties and beyond? And I'm not sure if they're ex-hippies, but the Raging Grannies totally rock!

Alicia Morgan said...

Whoa, Crabby - those Raging Grannies are totally cool!

I want it all, too - I guess I'm a little discouraged, but I'm trying to keep on keeping on in spite of it. I just don't know what it's going to take to get folks to see what's going guys keep me motivated, though - thanks!

Bladimz said...

This Bush Administration slithered its way into power with questionable victories two times now. And the american people, apparently, let it go. And from the time G.W. Bush became president, he has pulled one slimy stunt after another using the protection of the Right Wing Conservative Element to his best advantage. But his current act of lies and underhandedness made public by the Downing Street Memo should and could well be the final slapi-in-the-face to the american public.

Please "Mr. President", please ... go back to Hell, and leave our country in peace.

Alicia Morgan said...

He probably got kicked out of Hell...

Unknown said...

yeah, but paul craig roberts is certifiable. not that i'm not happy to hear a repubbb say the same thing we are saying, but it would carry more weight if buchannan or will or tucker "i hardly know her" carlson said it.

afb said...

Well that is refreshing! Not all Republicans are as hateful as the Bush worshipers. Many are pretty fed up with the radical conservative movement.......
I think the radical conservatives would sell their women and children if it furthered their cause. There are many Republicans who I respect.......don't agree with sometimes but I respect them.

best wishes Alicia and all! marie

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, Marie - I know they're out there...they've been trying to tell themselves that they're on the right (correct) side, and trying hard to support the 'man' who's supposed to represent them, but I think that soon the 'preponderance of evidence' is going to force men and women of conscience, no matter what party, to re-evaluate their positions.

skippy - I'm hoping that Roberts is the beginning of the avalanche...I'd be interested to know what you mean by 'certified'. Can you send me some links? I Googled him, but the derogatory remarks about him mostly came from white supremacy sites, or people who consider the Washington Times their go-to news source.