Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lie Vs. Lie

All right.

I have had e-motherf***-nough of this. Please excuse me while I go book a plane ticket, fly to Chicago, hail a cab, and go kick this motherf***'s ass.

Now, I can understand how the right-wingers feel about Clinton. After all, it's the same visceral reaction I get every time I see a picture or hear the name of George W. Bush. But I just cannot take any more of this anti-logic. I'm sick, sick, sick to death of it.

So. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune writes an article equating Linda Tripp and 'Deep Throat' as principled heroes. I never heard anything so disgusting in my life. The source he quoted in the interview was none other than Chicago attorney David Schippers, a Democrat who was the chief investigator for the House Judiciary Committee, which pushed the impeachment fight against Clinton, and who argued passionately for Clinton to be convicted.

Those dogs will just not let go of that bone.

So I'm going to spell it out. In words of one syllable.

All lies are not the same.

All lies are not crimes.

Some crimes are not lies.

Some lies do not kill.

Some lies do kill.

Lies that kill are worse than lies that do not kill.

It's been five years now, and these pathetic people still can't let go of Clinton. Let me tell you, when we kick Dubya out of office, I'm going to forget his name so quick it will make your head spin. I will have instant amnesia. That name will never cross my lips again. Please believe it.

Bill and Hillary are single-handedly responsible for paying the bills at right-wing radio stations. Rush Limbaugh ought to be sending them a percentage of his salary; they gave him a career. If anything happened to them, most of the right-wing blusterers and bloviators would go out of business.

But if I hear one more person defend Bush by saying, "Well, Bill Clinton lied under oath! Bill Clinton desecrated the sanctity of the Oval Office! Bill Clinton dropped bombs to distract the nation from Monica Lewinsky!", I swear to you - I swear to you that I am going to go postal.

First of all, the case against Bill Clinton never should have been a case to begin with. "Troopergate", the article that started it all in the American Spectator, was a...lie! Exposed as such by David Brock, one of the people who was involved in it. Paula Jones was a sad, clueless pawn; manipulated from day one by the right, including plastic surgery (that seems to be de rigueur), looking for her little day in the spotlight, her ticket out of her small-town life. But that didn't stop the all-out assault by what Hillary rightly called the 'vast right-wing conspiracy'.

It's rather remarkable that the same people who treat King George as if his royal word is law, as if his every whim and wish is entitled to fulfillment, who coddle him and swaddle him like 'His Majesty the Baby', had no problem with jeopardizing our national and international safety and security by allowing a trumped-up lie of a case to hobble the leader of the free world. The same people who say, "The President deserves an up-and-down vote", "The President deserves a UN Ambassador who reflects his views" had no problem disrespecting Bill Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, disparaging him to our military. The same people who hustle anyone who has so much as a questionable bumper sticker out of the so-called 'public' forums where Bush propagandizes, said openly, "He's not our President". They had no respect for the office of the Presidency when someone they didn't like was in it. But now they demand, not just respect, but groveling, unquestioning, slavish obeisance. To this cruel, stupid disaster of a President.

Well, I've had it.

Yes, Bill Clinton lied. Under oath, as if other kinds of lies are just fine. He had been cleverly maneuvered into a lose-lose situation - 'have you stopped beating your wife?' He was put under oath under false pretenses. But his lies have not killed hundreds of thousand of people. Bush's have. And I'm sick and tired of people ignoring his lies.

Yes, there is a difference in lies.

And anyone who says they don't ever lie is a liar.

If you've turned down an unwanted date by saying you were playing gin rummy with Grandma, you're a liar.

If you ever said you were stuck in traffic because you overslept, you're a liar.

If you ever had lunch with an old boyfriend and told your husband it was a client, you're a liar.

You lying scum, you're a liar. I don't care what it was about, it was a lie and you're a liar.

But Linda Tripp, the worst kind of back-stabbing, two-faced, opportunistic 'friend', is a hero? Don't make me puke.

If Monica and Bill were doing something illegal or dangerous to the nation, perhaps it would be different.

But they weren't.

Nixon was.

And what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton was a 'High Crime and Misdemeanor'. I don't know what else you'd call putting the entire nation, and by inference, the entire world, at risk by distracting and diverting the President from doing the most important job in the world. Well, maybe you could call it 'treason'.

John Kass is lamenting the treatment that Linda Tripp got, and wondering why she's not being hailed as a 'hero'. I'm wondering what mental hospital John Kass escaped from.

'High Crimes and Misdemeanors'? The only thing 'high' is you, bro. You wouldn't know a 'High Crime and Misdemeanor' if it bit you in the ass.

It's high time to focus on the real 'High Crimes' going on right here and now.

Lies that kill are worse than lies that do not kill.


Anonymous said...

Right on, right on, right on. Don't go postal, hang in there. This guy Kass must be the biggest idiot of all times. If the media is not parading the ex-cons around to call Felt a traitor. If they aren't calling Felt a traitor, they lump him in with crazy Tripp. Their audience, who does not find this hard to swallow, are the ones tripping. And these writers and reporters are the world's shittiest. They will one day lose their jobs, trust me.

Alicia Morgan said...

Oh, Lordy, I sure hope so. The gullibility and lemming-like passivity of the American public is stunning to me.

wanda said...

Aw shucks hon, don't let it get to ya. Who cares if they compare Felt to Trip? Poor Linda is proof positive of WHY it was necessary for Felt to remain anonymous. Just look what has happened to her life. The next time someone makes the comparison of the two, point this out to them!

Alicia Morgan said...

Bless your kind heart, wanda...I don't give 2 rat's asses for Linda Tripp - what burns me is equating Nixon's criminal wrongdoing with Clinton's pathetic little tryst.

It's that age-old dichotomy between right and left - between death and sex. Lefties are more tolerant of sex. Righties are more tolerant of death. A movie about two people ejoying themselves with each other is obscene; a movie with the Governor of California mowing down hundreds of people with a machine gun is good, clean family entertainment.

Go figure...

Anonymous said...

Right the hell on, Alicia. Right. The. Hell. On. Ditto everything you said.

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, ae - isn't it just mind-boggling? Black is white, night is day, yes is no - got a problem with that? All aboard - next stop, Crazy Town!

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl. You are so comepletelyfuckingright it is scary.

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, C - it's good to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Makes me feel a little more hope! I can almost begin to see a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel...

Anonymous said...

point of clarification: Clinton did NOT LIE UNDER OATH.

There are articles (from TIME) I of course can seem to find right now, and in President Clinton's Book a detailed story about this subject matter.

Clinton answered a very specific question while under oath, and asked for clarification for the specific definition from Ken Lay. Ken Lay then took the specific legal response, and broadcast it to all of America under layman's observations...a very distinct difference. Of course we would think he lied, without understanding the complete context.

Taking things completely out of context is the first rule for repulicans though...

Making the rest of it up as you go along is the second.

Anonymous said...

I said Ken Lay, should have said Ken Starr....

All republicans look alike to me

Alicia Morgan said...

Very good point, Merlin. They made such a big deal about 'what the definition of "is" is', but that is exactly how the law works! That is the language of a court of law.

Thanks for that!