Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Go 'Deep'!

I think it's fairly obvious by now that we are going to have to do this without the help of the media. We see what happens every time any news source or reporter gets 'too close to the bone' - they are attacked in full force by the Administration. Jobs are lost, access is denied, characters are smeared, reputations are ruined.

Dan Rather, Helen Thomas, Newsweek, Bill one is immune. The days of 'Deep Throat' and Woodward & Bernstein are over at this point, until enough people feel strongly enough about what's going on to put their jobs and reputations on the line.

The information is out there, as we can all see by now - it's a matter for the press to stop acting like the propaganda arm of the White House. Forget about being 'embedded' over in Iraq - it seems more dangerous to be 'embedded' here at home. If you love your country, ladies and gentlemen of the press, put on your body armor and 'go deep'!


wanda said...

"Go Deep!"

Is that like the deep in deep throat?
I have to say your right on with your assessment of the media and their fear of BushCo. It's becoming evident that FOX/FAUX News is the far right's hitman. Let the MSM make one move toward reporting real news and the pundits at FAUX go after them full steam. Not to dispute the message but to kill the messenger. There are probably hundreds of Mark Felts out there. The problem is there are no Woodward and Bernsteins to tell their stories of corruption and no Bradlee's to see that the stories make it the front pages or to broadcast.
Indeed the time has come for all good men and women to dig in, get down and go deep .
Just for the record, I'm not going near Cheney. The old farker would probably have a heart attack and BushCo would call it a terrorist attack. Then they'd smack me down with the Patriot Act!

Alicia Morgan said...


Yes, Wanda, I did mean exactly that. As in 'Deep Throat'. Somebody other than us wacko lefties has to stand up and holla!

Of course, if Dubya goes down, Cheney is President unless he goes down at the same time. It's like chess, where you can't take the King because he's guarded by the Queen.

BTW, what did you think of that picture of Cheney at the picnic? Implant?

Jon said...

Alicia, I've been amazaed at the lack of media attention. You'd think one big media power (LATimes, NYtimes, etc.) would understand the power and dollars would be huge for them if they moved forward in the direction of investative journalism on this subject. All the other media outlets would make THAT the story. But alas, they are obviously "owned" by the powers at be.... (

Love your blog....

- Mud

Anonymous said...

Alicia, I agree with you. And with the folks commenting on this blog. Why I blog: The media is what we all know it is. At least bloggers take a stab at the truth without budgets, pay or the ability to do investigative journalism. We do more for the truth than the media and we have no resources. Great blog. I have discovered this through your link at Podunt.

Alicia Morgan said...

Mud -

With the combination of media consolidation and fear/intimidation by the most secretive and vindictive Administration ever, free speech is drawing its last, gasping, wheezing breath.

Your blog is great - thanks so much for stopping by and chiming in!

Alicia Morgan said...

Karena -

Your blog rocks! I love Wanda's - I'm over there lots. You and I and the rest of the reality-based blogosphere, big or small, are going to have to step up to the plate. I don't know if I'm quite up to converting the right-wingers, but I am trying to interest my apolitical friends in becoming aware of what's happening. I'm always amazed to hear people saying, "I don't pay attention to that stuff". Those are the people I'm after.

Robert Rouse said...


The more passionate you get, the more I like it! If the media isn't going to do anything about Dubya, then it's up to us in the Blogosphere to figure out a way to nail that son of a . . . oops, I forgot I was in the company of ladies . . . let's nail that "fairy tale spinner" to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Alicia, you are correct. We cannot influence the hard right. But we can do something to get the apolitical and the young folks steamed up. And scare the crap out of Rupert Murdock!!!! He claims that he does not want to fall behind the curve when it comes to blogs. I got news for Rupert, he is already behind the curve and we are gaining traction. Folks don't read most blogs to hear what Fox News has to say unless it is someone poking fun of Bush's propoganda arm.

Alicia Morgan said...

Karena, I can feel the winds of change! Even in spite of Murdock, the media robber baron, and the 4 or 5 corporations that control all media, they are the past and we are the future.

Robert - I think we're making a good start, which is better than not doing anything. And, ladies we may be, but we do not shrink away from honest, descriptive language, so...cuss away! We do not censor here.