Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks for the E-ward, Suzanne!

Suzanne from TwoTonGreenBlog (who also hosts and/or moderates Late Night at Firedoglake) has been kind enough to tag me with an Excellence in Blogging award, which I will be happy to pass along. Suzanne has a great heart, a feisty spirit, fabulously eclectic taste in music and a 'take no prisoners' point of view (which no doubt comes in handy as a mod!) She has become a friend who helped me get through losing one of my beloved cats with a sympathetic shoulder and a listening ear.

I will be passing this on to:

Rainbow Demon from Coffee House Studio - a wild ride you'll never forget
Texas Betsy from Head-On Radio Network - an inexhaustible fount of up-to-the-minute info
Mutant Poodle at Mutant Poodle - one of my homies, smart and informed
Phoenix Woman at Mercury Rising - writes at Firedoglake; this is her own blog
Quaker Dave at Quaker Agitator - a unique perspective
The folks at Les Enrag├ęs - great group blog
Distributorcap at distributorcap NY - a man brave enough to watch Dubya on TV (more than I can do!)
Station Agent at Ice Station Tango - because Canada is not far enough
Comments from Left Field - where my blogfather lives
Catherine from PovertyBarn - commentary from a SF perspective (take that, BillO!)

You all rock.


Distributorcap said...

coming from some one i admire and respect as much as you

thank you.....
but i promise not to go Sally Field on you or anyone

and while i watch him, there is a big bottle of valium, prilosec and ibuprofen on the table.....

(ps his thu press conf was the train wreck of all time -- i could swear he was drunk)

Alicia Morgan said...

Dude, they'd have to start making quaaludes again for me to be able to sit in front of the TV and watch the Chimperor fling poo without throwing heavy objects at it, and covering the screen with blood-flecked spittle.

Jay Allbritton said...

Thanks, Alicia! I just caught this. I need to Google myself more. : )