Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Blowout!

Blue Gal sent me a heads-up that this weekend is designated as Blogroll Amnesty Weekend. It's a long story, and I'll let Skippy and Jon Swift tell you the details, but suffice it to say that it's the time of year that we give linky love to blogs that are smaller than we are. Now, you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find a blog with less traffic than mine. I don't advertise, I don't have a tip jar, I don't use tags or keywords and time constraints don't allow me to network and comment on other blogs as much as I'd like to. But, like Skippy, my policy is that I will link to anyone who links to me. In fact, I'll go further - I link to anyone who comments and leaves a website to link to!

I feel that the beauty of the blogosphere is that it doesn't matter who you are or how high-profile your blog is, there's a place for everyone. If you have something to say, there's a very good chance that there are readers out there to appreciate it. My blogroll has a few big kahunas on it, but that's because I read them and get something out of them, and would like to pass them on to others who might enjoy them also. I don't expect them to link to me. But we little blogs can help each other out by trading links, which is the coin of the realm here in Outer Blogistan.

I'm going to list a few of my favorites (it doesn't necessarily mean that they have less traffic than I do; I have no way of knowing!) and if you're not on my blogroll yet and would like to be, please leave your info on a comment.

Library Bitch
Welcome to Pottersville
Political Teen Tidbits
TexBetsy's Blog

That's just a start, but feel free to peruse my blogroll, and if you'd like to be added there's always room at Hooterville!

Update: Meet my new friends!

Bad Attitudes - good writing!
The Crone Speaks - a sharp liberal, feminist blog
The Democratic Daily - the name says it all
Moue Magazine - a new and interesting blog
Kittywampus - another cool new blog with a great name (luv the kittehs!)
politickybitch - acerbic, aware and awake in San Diego
OB Rag - kickin' it old-school style, also from San Diego
Dyre Portents - a radical moderate! And a Texan!
Ragebot - my old friend Kvatch from Blognonymous with a fierce new blog


Distributorcap said...

alicia -- you are right, that is the beauty of this --- the "viral" nature of finding new people, new ideas, new friends, and maybe even an old one --- i always look at the links of other people's blogs -- you never what you find -- or what ideas you get ---

and face it -- sometimes we feel very alone in our thoughts -- it is nice to see that other people are thinking the same things and that really is a ground swell of support for change and bettering this country

plus i happen to think you are a terrific writer....

Alicia Morgan said...

Right back atcha, Dcap - I am so glad that we're blog friends. Your stuff is really fine.

Especially since blogging saved my bacon after the shock of 2004, I appreciate the sense of community that has arisen in the blog world. I felt so alone - no one in my local surroundings was as gobsmacked as I was, and even though I started writing just to articulate my fears and frustrations, I soon found that there were a lot of people like me!

Since then I have made blog friends that have become personal friends as well, and they are peole who I never would have met except through the Internet - some that I've met in person, some who I may never meet but are friends of the heart and mind.

I only wish I had the time to read as many blogs as I want to and be a more regular commenter than I am. That's what makes a blog live - the people who visit them bring their own personality and perspective, and they become as much a part of the blog as the proprietor.

archcrone said...

I, too, have been participating in BAD. I had not heard of your blog, until I checked to see who else is blogging about BAD. So here I come in the spirit of BAD to exchange links with The Crone Speaks.

Spreading linky goodness is a good thing.

mark hoback said...

Hi Alicia, you might want to take off an old link (Scantily Clad) and replace it with The Aristocrats. Thx!

Alicia Morgan said...

Consider it done!

Terry said...

Thanks for the linkie! I like this Blog Amnesty Day idea. D listers need love too. ;-)

Suzanne said...

woohoo! i'm a favorite!!! dayam, my wee blog has not been a favorite before

i believe my wee blog has less traffic than yours - i've been slugging away for almost 2 years (blogiversary is st patty's day) and a good day means I get more than 9 visitors (laughing) am still working on getting my mother to visit so i hit double digits

thanks, alicia

Alicia Morgan said...

I think we small blogs are great because we can get to know every commenter who stops by. And, who knows - with a link here at a major-league blog (cough*cough*) like Hooterville, your stats could rocket into the teens!

Yet, probably hundreds of thousands of people know who you are from the Lake...funny, isn't it?

Mauigirl said...

I am honored! Thanks for the link love! I just found out about this blog amnesty day so I will participate in tomorrow's post!

Connecticut Man1 said...

It seems that what was a small negative for some Bloggers is snowballing into a huge positive for everyone. I don't know about your other recently added Blogs (aside from adding mine a while back, lol) but I can tell you that The Crone Speaks is an awesome Blog that I regularly read.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! I added you to our blogroll. We have an open blogroll policy at our place, too. Happy B.A.D.!


Alicia Morgan said...

Hi Brandy! You're on the roll. Welcome to the wonderful world o' blogging!

Sungold said...

Hi Alicia,

I just found you through Jon Swift's BAD post, and I really enjoyed reading your recent posts (plus a few of your Best Of). So I've added you to my blogroll.

My own blog, Kittywampus, is not quite a month old and deals mostly with feminism and politics, sometimes with kids and parenting. In case you'd like to link to it, you'll find me at

And I *totally* get how the 2004 election provided the impulse to start blogging ... I feel like the current election cycle is giving me a similar push, driven more by hope than despair. But oh, how fragile that hope is!

Alicia Morgan said...

Hey Sungold - welcome to Hooterville. I'd be delighted to add you to the blogroll. You're right - this is a great time to find your voice, and the more people who get out there and start talking about what's going on, the better off we all will be.

Glad to meet you! Stop by anytime.

Sungold said...

Hi Alicia - Back already, and I have to say, *you've* got a fantastic name for your blog. (I have to wonder how many people land here in search of Hooters, though?!)

Alicia Morgan said...

Surprisingly enough, not many! I do get people looking for the 'Green Acres' Hooterville - I'm assuming that's what it is when it's the only search term. But what seems to be the most common search is "how to get a job with Blackwater" - the title of one of my posts a while back.

Isn't that sickening?

the OB Rag said...

Hello Last Left/ Hooterville. found your blog via terryfaceplace, as we're another political blog from San Diego, CA. Please check us out at
We're named after a famous local underground newspaper of the 1970s, the OB Rag - OB is for Ocean Beach, one of the more hip, progressive beach neighborhoods of San Diego with a history of left-wing politics.

Frank Gormlie & Patty Jone

Alicia Morgan said...

Frank and Patty - thanks for keeping the flame alive from the original peace movement. Your site takes me back - I'm still a hippie at heart. it's those values that motivate me. Welcome to Hooterville.

Dyre42 said...

I've added Hooterville to my blogroll. Keep up the good work!

Alicia Morgan said...

You're on, dyre42. Thanks for coming by!