Monday, February 11, 2008

New Feature - Monday Is Hooterville Hall O' Fame Day!

Blogroll Amnesty Day was so delightful that I have decided to make it a regular feature here at Hooterville. Every Monday, I'll welcome the new additions to the blogroll. How does one get included in the Hall O' Fame, you may ask? Easy as pie. You just request to be added, or comment and leave your blog address. A link back is appreciated but not required. Nothing could be simpler here at Hooterville, where 'simple' is our middle name!

And with that, let's kick off Monday Hooterville Hall O' Fame Day by welcoming Boxer Rebellion, ThePoliticalCat, Mad In the Middle and One Pissed Off Veteran!

Don't be shy about reminding me, as ThePoliticalCat did - I'm forgetful sometimes. And if you have linked to me and by some gross oversight I have not linked back, please know that it's just that - a gross oversight. Remind me and I'll fix it immediately.

Happy Hall O' Fame Day, y'all!

Update: Say hi to Bridget from ShortWoman (gotta love that name! There must be millions of envious 'shorties' out there that wish they had gotten that web name.)
Speaking of great names...the s.n.a.f.u. principle
Please welcome my homie from FL - RonD is the Man in the Street
and fellow bucolics from Heaven on the Hill

1 comment:

Bridget Magnus said...

Nice new tradition.

I added you nice people to the blogroll over at ShortWoman last week.