Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bedlam for Bozo, or, Repub Debate at the Reagan Library

Wow - just wow.

I don't watch much Repub stuff firsthand, just because it's so damn crazy-making.

I'm watching the debate on the TV, and it's just plain nuts.

John McCain thinks we're better off now than we were eight years ago. Things have been peachy except for just lately - low unemployment, plenty of new jobs, a booming economy. Everything's been swell - except for the...the, uh sub-prime...uh - the housing problem. But he knows the answer to that - make the Bush tax cuts permanent! Look how well it's worked so far. Smoove, John!

Mitt Romney doesn't think that we are better off, but he wouldn't dream of blaming it on Bush. No, it's that lazy Congress that's been screwing up everything. "Facts are stubborn things" - name checking the Gipper. I'm the most conservative - John McCain is a liberal! The 'ultimate conservative', he calls himself. No more free rides, you lazy health freeloaders! Health care=creeping socialism.

Huckabee - no, I'm the most conservative! Even though Rush hates me, I can't afford to diss him. Hey - I'm here! Looky over here! I'm the conserviest! I hate the Democrats the most! He does talk about infrastructure. Bridges falling on people, and parents can't get to their kids' soccer games!

Ron Paul - hello? Who? He wants to talk but keeps getting shunted aside - "We'll get back to you, I promise!" Going on about "faith that the market works". Great. Faith-based economics - a Repub staple.

They're all going on about states' rights. Great - until a state claims a right they don't like, like medical marijuana or right-to-die - then listen to the tune change.

One thing I have to say that I would give anything to hear from our side is the pride they take in being conservative. I would love to hear liberals and progressives each try to out-progressive the other. I'd like to hear them bragging about how liberal they are. I'm proud to be a liberal, and I wish other liberals would stand up and say that, too.

McCain - I was a foot-soldier in the Reagan Revolution! (get it? Soldier? Warrior?)

Mitt Romney - the Bush Revolution - when Bush came into office, he was fighting off a downturn. Thank God Bush cut taxes and gave us these glorious eight years! What alternate universe does Max Headroom live in? Yeah, who needs all that crummy old peace and prosperity that Clinton dumped on his successor in the White House?

Huckabee on immmigration - build a fence - a big fence! Quickly!

(other candidates eyeing him and smirking)

Looking out on the crowd at the Reagan Library, it's pretty much what Rick Nelson used to call a 'skull orchard'. Dour and silent.


Distributorcap said...

you would think the manufacturers of thorazine would be advertising heavily in this debate

who has the biggest you-know-what, no who is the most insane.....

if it didnt have such tragic consequences it would be so comical

nunya said...

Thank you, I'll be back, I like it when you post :)

Comrade Kevin said...

The myth of Reagan is a powerful matter and one hopes with time it would be deflated and revealed for the charade it is. What that doesn't change is that Carter governed so poorly that ANYONE would have seemed better in contrast.

Sort of like we are right now with Chimpy.

Mauigirl said...

Great summary, Alicia! They are really pitiful. But you are right, I wish our side didn't try to avoid seeming liberal and claimed it proudly.

My husband heard part of Romney's speech today when he "suspended" his campaign and was horrified at his right-wing nutcase statements. He called me to ask "Wasn't this guy the governor of Massachusetts? How did they elect him there?" (he doesn't follow politics like I do). I explained he completely morphed his entire persona into a right-wing nutjob in order to run for President. Good riddance to him, hypocrite that he is.