Monday, February 04, 2008

Mea Culpa

I'm so ashamed.

The lovely and talented Jon Swift, who has done yeoman's work on Blogroll Amnesty Day (actually Blogroll Amnesty Weekend, but 'BAW' just doesn't have the same punch) had to email me today to request a place on my blogroll. My only excuse is that I thought I already had; and while I was busy adding my many new friends whose acquaintance I have made due to hard work on Jon's part (as well as a lovely link on his post), I overlooked his own excellent and insightful blog.

So I would like to make a public apology, Jon, and beg your pardon. I am not worthy. You are now firmly ensconced in the Hooterville Hall o' Fame.


Jon Swift said...

No apologies necessary. I am honored to be on your esteemed blogroll.

Alicia Morgan said...

Thank you, Jon - considering how much you've put into the BAD, it was an oversight that embarrasses me. I shall visit you regularly in hopes of absolution.

Anonymous said...

Ooh me. Ooh ME. OOH ME!!!

Blognonymous may be dead, but long live Ragebot.

Alicia Morgan said...

Kvatch! Long time no see, pal! Hop on up to the Hooterville bogroll, my friend!