Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thanks, Rush!

Hey folks - there's a hot new Democrat in town!

Everyone's favorite Oxy Moron, Rush Limbaugh!

Don't believe the hype - that he 'hates liberals'. It's all been a secret stealth plan to propel the Democrats to victory. The modest, retiring Limbaugh is loath to take credit, being the humble and self-effacing guy that he is, but I can tell you that we owe the Democratic Senate majority to one man and one man only - the Rush-meister. Oh, he had everyone fooled for a while, but all of that bluff and bluster conceals the squishy, rubbery, blubbery heart of a true-blue Democrat.

So, welcome to our party, Rush, and please accept our heartfelt thanks for single-handedly delivering the complete domination of Congress to the Democrats. You gave us the single Senate vote that made the difference between a tie and a majority. Your entertaining dance routine in homage to Michael J. Fox was truly inspirational to all Americans.

We've got a big tent, Rush - even big enough for you!

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