Friday, November 17, 2006

Hooterville Blog-i-versary! Let's Party!

Wow - with everything that's been going on, I forgot about my Blog-i-versary yesterday. Hooterville is 2 years old!

I'm having my party here, and you're invited!

What a difference a year (or two) makes! When I started this blog, I was in the depths of despair. The theft of 2004 left me shaking. I had never written before, but I had to find some way to deal with the helplessness and frustration that was paralyzing me, making it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. Through blogging, I was able to meet people who felt the way I did, and people who were doing something about it! You guys energized me and motivated me.

Fast-forward two years - we just took back the House and Senate, I've become an active participant in my local political community as well as online, I'm writing a book, and I've made some wonderful friends all over the world - all due to blogging.

I know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, and it's not going to be a 'cakewalk' with 'flowers and chocolates' (sorry, I couldn't resist) but I think we've earned the right to feel good about the work we've done together for the last couple of years.

So, this year (as last year) my blogiversary is dedicated to you, my blog compatriots. I'd like to take this opportunity to give shout-outs to some of my fave blog-friends and sites (I'd need a whole new blog to list them all) - thanks for my sanity!

Helen Wheels @ Just Ain't Right
DivaJood @ Journeys With Jood
Karena @ Karena's Blog
Blue Gal @ Blue Gal
Maryscott @ My Left Wing
Old White Lady @ It's Morning Somewhere
Wanda @ Words On A Page (not forgotten!)
Sue Woo @ Susie's Sharp Points
ae @ arse poetica
John and Mike @ Crooks and Liars
Princess Sparkle Pony @ Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog
G @ Library Bitch
kissfan @ Truespeak
Star A. Decise @ The Enigmatic Paradox
Crabbi @ A Curmudgeonly Crab
The Fat Lady Sings @ The Fat Lady Sings
Kvatch @ Blognonymous
jurassicpork @ Welcome To Pottersville
Howie @ DownWithTyranny
Catherine @ PovertyBarn
Cookie Christine @ It's Recess-time Somewhere
Station Agent @ Ice Station Tango
Rainbow Demon @ =Coffee House Studio=
Frederick @ Mccs1977
quakerdave @ The Quaker Agitator
greensmile @ The Executioner's Thong
Yoga Korunta @ Yoga Korunta
my comrades @ Comments From Left Field
my blogfather, Mr. M @ Comments From Left Field
my comic compatriots @ 'Left Toon Lane

and everyone else on my blogroll - all personally selected and approved of!

Thanks, friends.

PS - even though Blue Gal is miserably ill, she is all about the linky love, so - double-back atcha, and friends, go visit her and make her feel better...


GreenSmile said...

happy blogaversary...the happier for being part of grass roots that literally picked up the dirt and slid it to the left and completely out from under Col Sanders. Hooterville may yet survive.

Anonymous said...

Ah...Alicia, my Angelina Compadre, the world would be a sadder and emptier place without Hooterville.

Happy, happy, Blogiversary!

TFLS said...

Well happy, happy, joy, joy! Amazing, isn't it - how fast things can change? And they changed because you changed - you created all this good in your life. Glad to hear everything is so much better for you now. I wish you happiness, my dear - long may you wave!

Alicia Morgan said...

greensmile - it took me a minute to track down your site, but the oversight has been remedied. You make Hooterville a brighter place.

Kvatch - Hooterville is very partial to frogs!

TFLS - you are amazing, and you're a big part of why things are getting better. Sing on, darling!

Anonymous said...

Heeeey, happy A Day! And it's an honor to be included in the shoutout!

Here's for another two years of snark, news and outrage and then two more after that and two more after that and...

...well, you know where this is going. May Hootersville last as long as pi.

(What? It's Hooterville and not Hootersville? Gee, all this time, I've been coming for the big titties...)


Alicia Morgan said...

Ha! It was intentional, jp, designed to lure you in! Whatever it takes...I'm not proud.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Linky love back atcha, darlin! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia, thanks for the invite! This is one of my absolute favorite blogs. Happy blogoversery!

Sue said...

Yay! Congratulations! I always enjoy your writing. Keep it up, and right on, sista!

Yoga Korunta said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Alicia! You are a blog leader and one of this country's hopes for restoring reason. Love on ya!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Happy Blogversary. You've got the best Hooters(ville) on the net!

Star A. Decise said...

And I thought 2 was the doorway into The Terrible Twos - but you make 2 downright fun.

Many congrats and continued growth in the new year.

A great party. I especially like the fortified champagne. So here's to you.


Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, Star! It's kind of fun, a virtual party. Plus, the cleanup is a snap!

Blogger has been awful today. It's not just me.

DivaJood said...

Belated happy bloggiversary to you, my friend! So sorry I missed the party, but I was in Bhutan and there was limited access. You are the bomb!

Big hugs.

Alicia Morgan said...

That's the beauty of a virtual party - it's still here!

I can't wait to hear about Bhutan, Ms. Travelogue!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! Cheers to the next 2 years!