Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moving Along With My Book - Would You Like To Help?

Hi friends -

Here's an update on my upcoming book. After Nov. 7, to my great satisfaction, I found that I needed to retool the focus of my book, as there were many people who actually did 'vote for their best interests!' While that group of people who continue to support their oppressors has not changed, the number of people who stood up for democracy has increased to the point to where they couldn't completely steal the election.

So, I have decided to concentrate on conservatism itself - why it's bad for America. I believe conservatism is built on myths, but they are very deep-rooted myths about society and about human nature.

My working title is "Glass Houses, Fun-House Mirrors, and the First Stone - Why Conservatism Is Bad For America". Since this is a book which has come about completely through blogging, I invite any of you (my blog friends) who would like to weigh in on the subject to do so, and I will happily acknowledge you in the introduction, or wherever your input is used. I would love to have you guys come along with me on my book-journey!

The first thing I'd like to put out is for the cover. My best friend from the 5th grade, who is an incredibly talented illustrator, will be submitting the cover art. My idea is this - on the cover will be a picture of a fun-house, with at least three distorted mirrors. In front of one mirror you'll see a Democrat - shown in the mirror you'll see a terrorist. In front of another, you'll see a chicken-hawk, but the mirror will reflect some military hero - who that would be is open to suggestion.

So this is what I'm looking for - ideas of mirror-pairs, seen through the distortion of the conservative mirror.

Any thoughts?


Jay Allbritton said...

Cool cover concept. How about George W. or Ronald Reagan, or even Donald Rumsfeld reflecting John Wayne?

Alicia Morgan said...

Very good - I thought of John Wayne right away, too. Especially since he was risking life and limb bravely and heroically making movies during WW II.

GreenSmile said...

I am a bit unclear Alicia: do you want comments submitted or do you want links to our own posts if and where they focus on the error and illness that is conservatism. The latter I have by the dozens, the former I don't near as much bandwidth as I have enthusiasm to provide.

...or were you after something else?

GreenSmile said...

technical question. You blog. I blog. most of the readers here are used to reading blogs. Blogs are full of links, we can hardly write without them though they are not strictly necessary to make many of the arguments we make: the generally provide prooftext or illustration.

In a hard-copy format, how will you tackle that?

[I actually wrote the hypertext-to-print tool for a web page editor in a past life so I have my own answers to the problem. But my former employer actually owns the patent on my work]

Alicia Morgan said...

You can send anything you like - links, copy-and-paste, written-out thoughts - you can comment or e-mail me privately. I'm just looking to get an idea of what my fellow bloggers think about conservatism.

When I write, if I use information that I've gotten from somewhere else, I credit that person or publication by name. If I quote verbatim, I cite that also. If you send me something that I use, I would credit you and your source, or just you if it were your thoughts.

I'm all about sharing the love. That's what blogging is for me, anyway - a synthesis of other people's info and our own thoughts, conjectures and opinions!

Yoga Korunta said...

Alicia, I'll put the thinking cap on and help in any way I can.