Monday, October 02, 2006

"Naughty"? And, Yes, It's ABC - Always Blame Clinton!

I am simply sputtering. I am aghast. Are you motherfucking kidding me?

I have had it with these sick, twisted hypocritical perverts.

This is where one of the fundamental flaws of the so-called 'Family Values' raises its hideous, ghoulish, misshapen head.

All this talk about how 'evil' homosexuality is - and, make no mistake, this is a central tenet in the Rovian scheme to keep Republicans in power forever by mobilizing the fundamentalist base - and all this finger-pointing and demonizing of liberals as godless. hellbound profligates who have no respect for the 'sanctity of marriage', and smugly congratulating themselves on their own holiness. Hell, they're practically walking around with their arms in a cast from patting themselves on the back.

Yet, they continue to willfully ignore the fact that being gay is something that you are born with - that is, may I say, 'God-given' - and is not abnormal. immoral, or unnatural, and thereby force anyone who is not able to express their natural sexuality (hetero or homo - priests come to mind) into perversion - child molesting.

Well, fuck you. Let me spell it out for you.

Being gay is not perverted.

Being a pedophile is perverted.

Being a pedophile is a CRIME.

You can be gay and be a pedophile.

You can be straight and be a pedophile.

It is not your sexual orientation that is at issue.

It is molesting children that is at issue.

And it is covering up for those who molest children that is at issue.

The Republican party is completely to blame here because they knew about it for 5 years!!! But - oh, no - can't lose a Republican seat over a few molested pages. Hey, boys will be boys! Simply a matter of human failing - nothing sexual, says Newt (why is he all over the airwaves every time you turn around? He's not even in office anymore. Gearing up for '08? Yeah, Mr. Serial Philanderer is just the guy to call when you want the low-down on Family Values) know, a couple of naughty e-mails; no big deal.

It's difficult to know where to start with this - so much perfidy, so little time.

Denny "Refrigerator" Hastert is spinning like a top. scrambling to deflect blame. And. predictably, the mouth-breathers at the major media are tripping all over themselves to spread blame everywhere except where it really belongs. Favorite target? Who else but the Big Dawg! And gays! And liberals for tolerating gays!

And then that faux-balance - "Let's not judge him till all the facts are in..." Yeah - I can't wait to see the e-mails that are coming. The ones talking about asking about the kid's genital measurements are just 'overly friendly'.

Nobody in media has the stones to come out and admit that it is almost always exclusively conservative Republicans that are doing this shit! And they have the nerve to brand themselves morally superior on top of it.

This is one reason why the conservative message is flawed. Legislating morality, denying normal human nature (not perversion), 'do as I say, not as I do''s all so very wrong.

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