Friday, September 29, 2006

On This Sad Day, I Hang My Head In Shame

Way to go, Dems. Way to fucking roll over. You make me sick.

It's bad enough that we have to deal with the Republicans who are giving the big thumbs-up to this murderocracy.

But here was a chance for Democrats to use the one and only crumb of power we have left to us - the filibuster - to oppose the shredding of our Constitution, to stand on principle and stand up for human rights, to tell the American people that we do not condone pissing on the Geneva Convention.

Instead, what did we say? We said, "Hey, George, it's OK with us what you're doing! Go on ahead and commit atrocious war crimes! We're behind ya, buddy. And don't worry about them coming back to bite you in the ass. We're all right with passing a law that only exempts civilians from responsibility for these crimes (retroactively as well as any future crimes) - civilians like you, Cheney, Rummy, private 'contractors' - but holds the military (who is forced to carry out your unspeakably vile orders) responsible for what you, in your safe, cushy office, tell them to do. 'Low-hanging fruit' Lynndie England won't be hoppin' out of the hoosegow any time soon, but that's just fine and dandy. And hey, who cares that we've just opened the doors for other countries to do to our American soldiers what you intend to do to any other foreigner that you don't like? We think you're so great, we'll just let you do anything you want to! Roll on, brother - we got your back!"

'Obstructionist'? Hell yes we should be obstructionist. What else do we have at our disposal to slow these killers down? Every Democrat should be a proud obstructionist. But instead, we have enablers, fellow travelers, appeasers. This is the real 'soft on terror' crowd. Heaven forbid the Resident should call us names!

I hang my head in shame.

For information on the Democrats who let this go by, visit Democrats For Torture.


DivaJood said...

There were far to few Democrats who opposed this measure: Both California senators; Both senators from Illinois; Ted Kennedy, of course; and Hillary Clinton. But where is the backbone? Where are the voices of reason, fairness, and human decency? Clearly not in the highest office of this once great country. I'm ashamed to be an American now. We have become what we opposed. We are among the nations who torture.

Yoga Korunta said...

Remember the Dems' cutting off student loans when Reagan wanted Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka Star Wars?