Sunday, September 17, 2006

Vote Early and Often!

You must see this video about how easy it is to hack a Diebold.

Thanks to kissfan at Truespeak.


Terry said...

In addition to that, I ran across this blog (Freedom to Tinker) where one of the participants of the study mentions that after the test was done, they discovered the key that locks the little memory card port is a standard key...which means it's kind of a one size fits all. It's the exact same kind of key they use in minibars, and household furniture with locks, like a file cabinet. We probably all have one somewhere in the house.

Yoga Korunta said...

Remember, Alicia, by hacking Diebold, you'll be hacking Ohio-the same state which brought us George!

Rhea said...

Great litle video. Thanks for posting this. Jeez!
The Boomer Chronicles

Unknown said...

Yes, a hotel-bar key opens them, Terry. Pretty scary. I'm glad this got a lot of MSM play, it was even on Faux - which blew my mind. Of course, this week it seems to have been forgotten again. This country has a bad case of ADD.