Thursday, September 28, 2006

Support Keith Olbermann At MSNBC

I read a comment over at Firedoglake that sounded like a good idea to me. Whatever else you may think about MSNBC, they put Keith Olbermann on the air. Let's show them that we appreciate that by contacting the companies that sponsor the show, and telling them so. There is no other outspoken liberal voice in the traditional media but his - God bless him.

Here's a list of products and/or companies - even if you wouldn't personally buy them (and some I would not), at least we can let them know that there are eyeballs on the screen for Olbermann.

sprint mobile broadband
senior lending network reverse mortgages
Honda Certified Used Cars
AT&T Dynamic Networking New ATT red cross
Comcast digital voice
l’Oreal Pro Calcium Moisturizer
NBC NEws on I-Tunes
subaru outback sport utility wagon
Genworth Financial Retirement solutions
Vonage unlimited local and long distance calling
New York Stock Exchange
Clairol natural Instincts
Dell Power Edge Servers


Peter Matthes said...

I like Keith and the NYSE.

GreenSmile said...

Thank you Alicia. Once again, you show how blogging can be more than just complaining to noone in particular. Once again, you suggest something we can do.

I was happy to send nastygrams to the backward Disney/ABC execs for airing the wingnut blame-umentary on 9/11 so it will a pleasure to support one of the few positive things on MSM.

and I am copying the list for my little database of sponsors.

King said...

That man speaks of justice and turth. Support 100%!!! United we Stand against anyone who againist the law of justice!!