Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Thoughts On Madness

Follow the logic here, friends.

Bush sez:

1. He's not making it illegal, he just doesn't want the government to pay for it.

2. In his view, it's murder.

Which leads one to conclude that, although it's murder, he's not for making it illegal.

Is it murder or not? Is murder legal or not?

But, since government won't be paying for the research, who will be doing the research? Why, our good friends in the private sector!

So, any progress in the research will, as usual, go to benefit those who can afford it.

And, believe me, to anyone who thinks that every AIDS patient gets the kind of medication that Magic Johnson gets - I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. There is medicine for Joe Average, and then there is medicine for the ├╝ber-wealthy. And that's how they plan to keep it, folks.


Sue said...

So true, Alicia.

It's interesting to me that it's ok for adult humans to murder and get murdered. If W thinks murder is bad, why are we doing it? 6000 Iraqis have been murdered in the last 2 months. Maybe our troops didn't do all the killing, but I really believe it wouldn't have happened if they were elsewhere. Ack.

DivaJood said...

killing Iraqi citizens isn't the same as killing unborn babies who might save somebody else. Those unborns are potential Republicans and potential fodder for the killing fields. And those Iraqis don't really count, they're in the way to the Oil Fields.

Jay Allbritton said...

That's surreal. I just wrote almost exactly the same thing.

Twilight Zone or painfully obvious lying bastrad President?

Greco-Roman said...

If he thinks these fetuses are humans, why does he allow the vast majority of them to be destroyed?
I guess it's better to waste lives than waste the mother lode of disease, by finding a cure.

TFLS said...

He's against it because pharmaceutical companies aren't interested in finding cures for diseases - just expensive drugs to treat symptoms. Curtailing stem cell research keeps big pharma lucrative; and I'm quite sure Bush has an abiding interest in the solvency of Merck and other companies like it. Medicine has become about keeping us sick - not making us better. There’s an old Alec Guinness movie called The Man in the White Suit. It’s about an inventor who creates a fabric that won't get dirty or wear out. Needless to say – the big manufacturing companies want him dead. If stem cell research comes to its ultimate fruition – you can say bye bye to all those astronomical profits. That’s why Bush really vetoed that bill. It had nothing to do with morality – he has none. Once again – it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

Yoga Korunta said...

Bush's regard for human life brings to mind another film: Soylent Green.

QuakerDave said...

On NPR's "On the Media" program, I heard a guy from ABC News make an interesting point: Bush's White House people are still touting - bragging about it is more like it - the fact that Bush's veto still allows for experimentation on those stem cell lines that were being used for research before he put his ban into effect.

Well, excuse me, as this reporter point out, but what about the lives of *those* embryos? Aren't they "human life," too?

I guess we're all human: just some are more human than others.