Saturday, July 15, 2006

Liberal Cartoons

As you know, I've been doing my liberal cartoons for a while now. Special thanks go out to Comments From Left Field who have been kind enough to feature them on their excellent site, along with fab comic-meister Zencomix. Dhonig at Hypnocrites has a blog devoted to his sharp-as-a-pointed-stick brand of cartoons, and has been looking, as I have, for a way to get them out and about.

So, I have decided (cuz I'm the Decider) to start a cartoon link on the sidebar. I invite you to chack out these fine liberal flamethrowers, and if you have or know of a cartoon blog you would like to see featured here, please comment or e-mail me, and I will put it on the sidebar. Drawn, Photoshopped, or a combination - whatever. Lord knows, sometimes the only way to combat the horror is through laughter. I know it's saved my bacon many times. If you can laugh, the bastards haven't beat you, and we live to fight another day.

I have transferred all the "Capitol Punishment" cartoons to a new blog of their own, and you are invited to stop by and take a look.

Let the hilarity ensue!

1 comment:

Yoga Korunta said...

Alicia, times would be darker without you to lead the way. Thanks for your outstanding creativity!