Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money!


Yes, Karl Rove got a raise.

He and all his co-'assistants to the President' received a nice little $4,200 cost-of-liv ing raise, bringing their salaries up to $165,200.

This from the party who is against a minimum wage, much less a living wage.

I recently received some comment along the likes of "If liberals say $9 an hour minimum wage is 'compassionate', then $100 an hour is extra-super-duper compassionate'" or some such nonsense. This 'logic' is supposed to point out the stupidity of having a minimum wage. Pay is supposed to be driven by the market, regardless of whether a person can survive on that pay for a full-time work week. Tough beans. Suck it up. Work harder, you lazy scum.

But, let's see here...employees on the lower end of the compensation scale - 'gift analysts', trip coordinators, staff assistants and the like - who make around $30,000, did not receive raises. Perhaps their cost of living did not go up like Karl's did.

Wait just a sec - did I hear 'cost-of-living'? You mean, getting more money not because you're doing more work, but because things cost more?

Wow. That smacks of tax-and-spend liberalism to me.

Check out the figures here.

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