Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Marcy Winograd

I hate phones.

I hate selling.

I hate phone solicitation the most.

So what was I doing last night in a law office with a headset on, calling strangers till I got a migraine?

Volunteering for Marcy Winograd.

Marcy is challenging Rep. Jane Harman for California's 36th Congressional District seat in next weeks primary. Jane Harman is essentially a "Bush Democrat", voted for the war in Iraq, voted for the Patriot Act 3 times. Marcy Winograd is a true progressive Democrat, from the 'Democratic wing of the Democratic Party'. I'm glad to have a local candidate that I feel good about volunteering for. Here's what Marcy's about:
Domestic Policy Position Summary:

Winograd supports universal single-payer health care; substantial corporate incentives for alternative energy development (New Apollo Energy Act); media reform that favors local autonomy over corporate consolidation; a national voter-verified paper trail with standardized ballot audit protocols; and campaign finance reform such as the CA Clean Money campaign; as well as a new education initiative focused on bolstering early childhood education to close the achievement gap, improving teacher training and on-going professional development, and recreating schools as cross-community hubs rather than isolated silos.

Winograd also supports a woman's right to choose; legalization of gay marriage; workers' right to organize (bipartisan Employee Free Choice Act ); decriminalization of immigration; abolishment of the death penalty and censure and impeachment of Bush and Cheney for high crimes relating to the war in Iraq and for attacks on civil liberties, including illegal wiretapping (see

Foreign Policy Position Summary:

Marcy supports immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, cessation of air strikes over Iraq, an end to no-bid reconstruction contracts for war profiteers,no permanent US military bases in Iraq, war reparations so that Iraqis can reconstruct their own country, and diplomatic efforts to involve regional Arab stakeholders in fostering peace and unity in Iraq. Marcy calls for an end to Bush's first-strike pre-emptive nuclear war policy, secret detentions, suspension of due process and torture, and illegal wiretaps of Americans.

Winograd vigorously supports renewed Israeli/Arab peace talks aimed at establishing a Geneva Accord two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. In the face of the Bush administration's pre-emptive war policy, Winograd stresses the importance of opposing a military attack on Iran. For more on Iran, read: A Nuclear Iran Would Be Bad - A Forcibly Defanged Iran Would Be Worse.

Winograd believes the United States should join the International Criminal Court to underscore the importance of the rule of law to prosecute international terrorists before a world community -- and believes Congress should, as Congressman John Conyers suggests, pass a unified security budget that integrates and balances the importance of preventing the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons with beefing up homeland security (ports, other transportation centers) and creating international goodwill through a renewed commitment to fight poverty, AIDS, and illiteracy both at home and abroad. Winograd also supports efforts by Congressman Dennis Kucinich to establish a Department of Peace. (See
As much as I hate phone solicitation, last night I spoke to one woman who had never heard of Marcy. After we talked, and I told her about Marcy's positions, she said, "I'm so glad you called! If I hadn't talked to you, I would have just voted for Jane Harman."

That one woman made the migraine worthwhile.

Here's Marcy's website.

And thanks to DivaJood for bringing her to my attention!


Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in CA-36, I thank you for doing what you were doing, Alicia!

I've been volunteering for Marcy for a couple months now, and have knocked on hundreds of doors for her. I'm with you: it's a pleasure to do this for a candidate that I actually believe in. And statistics have shown that person-to-person voter contact (like you did from that law office) is far more effective than any other type of voter contact... better than commericals, better than mailers, than robocalls. You definitely made a difference.

Thanks again! Let's make this happen!

Patrick Meighan
Venice, CA

DivaJood said...

Thanks Alicia! I've been calling volunteers to get them out calling; Thursday I will work at a table in San Pedro for Marcy, at First Thursday -- and yes, it is very much about visibility. I found her late through a comment I made on my blog -- someone told me about Marcy -- I got involved immediately.

Certain parts of the district are well organized; San Pedro is in need of volunteers and help. There is strong support for her, as soon as people learn about her and her positions.

Torrance has been a bit difficult -- there's a reluctance to change from the incumbent.

But what a great, articulate post. I'm going to try to link it to my site (another new thing to learn.)

Alicia Morgan said...

Torrance was where I was calling last night, DJ - it definitely was a challenge! I didn't have a caller under 62; many of them were actually in nursing homes! A couple of times I was told "They're getting their medication right now, but you can call back in a half hour..."

Next week on voting day I'm going to be a poll watcher - I'm looking forward to that.

If you want to link to the post, you can find the 'permalink' by clicking on the time next to my name at the bottom of the post - 'posted by Alicia@8:24 AM' - click on the '8:24 AM' and that will give you the link just to that post. Copy it and you're set - use it like a regular link.

Thanks again, DJ - I'm so glad to have someone I can be proud to do local work for.

Alicia Morgan said...

And, Patrick - thanks for stopping by - it's nice to hear from another Marcy volunteer. I don't even live in her district, but I think we need her in Congress badly. Glad to be co-volunteering with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you and Marcy are not in charge.