Monday, May 29, 2006

Hooterville Hellcats: Mission Accomplished!

The Hooterville Hellcats launched an assault upon Sherman Oaks today. Unfortunately, due to the danger and secrecy of their mission, and the fact that I can't find my digital camera, they could only be seen by camera-phone.

First, they secured their communications base.

Then, they captured the enemy's fueling station.

The Hooterville Hellcats proceeded to deploy all across Sherman Oaks, capturing bus stops, coffee shops, and even into the belly of the beast - the Galleria!

Major combat operations in Sherman Oaks have ended, but the War Against War continues for as long as necessary - six days, six weeks - I doubt six months...


DivaJood said...

Kommander Al-icia, I contend that this mission has only just begun. We need to keep deploying troops until the War on War has brought an end to the War in Iraq. Keep on keeping on!

Kommander DivaJood

Alicia Morgan said...

Absolutely, Kommander DJ! I shall continue to wage the War On War for as long as necessary, and I know you will, too!