Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey, Senate Judiciary Committee…

Your personal belief system is not enough authority to deny someone else their civil rights under our Constitution.

I'm just sayin'.


DivaJood said...

I just figured out why the Religious Right is opposed to gay marriage: who can be designated pre-pregant?

I mean, if it's a lesbian couple, then both women are technically pre-pregnant, and according to the guidelines, the only way women can become pregnant is via the missionary position while not handling cat feces while drinking, or something.

And unless something has changed, men can't be pre-pregnant OR pregnant. So, even if they're white, (which should score SOME points among the Right Wing), same sex couples can't reproduce the old fashioned way.

And god forbid adoption; artificial insemination; surrogate pregnancies (those HUSSIES. Who knows what cat feces they've handled? Hmmmm?)

I've decided. I'm now the Decider. I've decided that the Right Wing is more dangerous than anything we've ever faced.

Jeremy said...

What’s really interesting about the spat between Specter and 2008 president-elect Feingold is that Specter is actually pretty decent as far as scumbag Republicans go.
He’s 100% against this amendment, and was one of the only voices on their side of the aisle that raised and eyebrow about domestic wiretapping.

Alicia Morgan said...

Jood, I think you're a much better Decider than the one who's deciding now. I second that emotion.