Friday, September 02, 2005

Help For Katrina Victims

Marie from Right Left Story asked me to post this, and I'll do anything Marie asks...

The VeteransForPeace Tour Bus is Heading in to Louisiana to render aid, provide medics, cook food, provide shelter. They will have 3 camps set up. And they need 3 of everything below. We need to get these items to a rest stop on the South Side of I-10 anywhere from the Louisiana border east to New Orleans. THIS IS A CODE BLUE FOR BLOGGERS WE NEED THIS INFO AND OR IMAGE POSTED FAR AND WIDE.

If you can drive supplies to this area, please contact Brendan at or 518 279-3912 I'll relay your location and time of arrival to the Bus/Caravan. Donations can be made at on the PayPal button.

As soon as we hear from a supporter willing to meet them with supplies on 1-10 Brendan will connect everyone.

For now they are on their way to the Bridge Casino in Lake Charles.

Then onto Lafeyette where folks can meet them on the Evangeline Freeway.

Then Baton Rouge.

Work Gloves
bottled water
cooking units with propane cartridges
canned goods
dried goods
baby formula
first aid kits
toilet paper
battery cables
phone cards
and pretty much anything else you can think of.
They have a huge Uhaul Truck Begging to be filled by Liberal Donations. Hey we're not picky we'll take some conservative and moderate donations too!

Thank you, Marie. I just want to jump in my car right now and drive to Louisiana with some supplies, but I've sent money to the Red Cross and I'm going to get some clothes and toilet supplies together to donate. Right now it feels like words are just stupid. Action is all that counts, in whatever way available.

The time for talking has come and gone. We need to take our country back now.

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