Monday, July 11, 2005

I Hate Our Freedom

That's right - I said it. I hate our freedom.

Every time I hear that word 'freedom', it is sure to be followed by something reprehensible. Just like the word 'free', which, whenever you hear it or see it on an advertisement, definitely means 'you're going to pay too much for something'. In Hooter-speak, it takes on a meaning completely opposite from what it used to be. Double-plus ungood. I've been trying to think of what 'freedoms' we have these days, and this is what I've come up with:

Freedom to agree with a pre-emptive, unnecessary war, killing not only our 'enemies' (innocent Iraqis who did not and could not threaten us) but almost 2000 of our own sons and daughters.

Freedom to accept whatever pack of lies this disgusting Administration feels like dishing out - how they must be laughing at us!

Freedom to live by a double standard so egregious that the mind boggles - no matter how damning the evidence against those in power, it simply slides off, while made-up allegations against those they wish to dispose of (Bill Clinton, Iraq, John Kerry, Max Cleland) hit home like a falling safe.

Freedom to sit on our hands while the corporatocracy robs us blind, poisons our planet, and rapes and pillages the people and resources of third-world nations with impunity.

Oh, I know we have many more fine 'freedoms', but, you know something? I'm sick and tired of 'freedom'.

In fact, I hate 'freedom' almost as much as I hate 'God'.


oldwhitelady said...

I know what you mean! Freedom and God are brought into so many conversations, lectures, and speeches. It's disgusting. I wonder what phrases or words were overused before 9/11? I can't remember and am too lazy, right now, to look them up. Maybe some day, I'll have the time and the inclination to do so.

oldwhitelady said...

and by the way, I think the freedoms you pointed out are some of the worst freedoms we can have. I like the way you wrote them out! Very striking... to the heart of the matter!

Crabbi said...

Right on, Alicia. Freedom is on the march, blah blah, blah.

I hate "life," too. Maybe we should put quotes around these words when the Repubs use them. And then we'll take them back.

Another possibility is to start saying things like "not in the hollow, meaningless neocon/fundie sense of the word." For example, if I'm having a great day, I could say, "Life is good - and by life I don't mean in the cheapened, laughable sense. Remember life?"

Alicia Morgan said...

Good one - I was thinking about 'life' too - don't it just make you want to barf?

Anonymous said...

Freedom to eat fries re-titled in the wake of angst against the French is my own personal favorite.

Although freedom to rise up and dissent is still alive and well. People have just forgotten how to exercise it, and/or have been made scared. "Rise up, and the terrorists will get you." Just watch, the Repubbies will use that mantra yet.

I'm glad to see you have risen up. Every voice makes a difference. A huge difference. Cheers to yours.

Alicia Morgan said...

And cheers to you for adding your Canadian perspective to the mix. I totally agree - one of our primary defenses against the loss of our liberty, a free press, has been intimidated by the powers-that-be...accident? I don't think so.

The fries, and the toast - how rich! And Bill O'Lielly's one-man boycott of all things Français - too cute for words!

wanda said...

I suspect when history remembers these days, those currently in the White House, will be remembered as the administration that turned the words, 'freedom, democracy, and God' into blasphemy. So shall be their legacy.

Macswain said...

Of course, who can forget Rumsfeld's mother-of-all freedom loving statements:

"It's untidy, and freedom's untidy," he said, jabbing his hand in the air. "Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

Redstate said...

All hail Alicia!!

Bow down before her pulchritudinous and awe-inspiring wisdom!!

Right on baby! I agree with wanda and macswain and G and crabletta and oldwhitelady!!

You go, GRRRRLLL!!

Alicia, blah blah blah blah blah BLAH BLAH blahblah blah!! But don't forget blah blahBLAH in the blah blah for the BLAH BLAH!!

I salute you all!! May your jackboots shine forever and your goose-steps be light and lively!


Robert Rouse said...

While I believe in Auburnite's right to say whatever he feels, I do feel a responsibility to sugget he get counseling or perhaps we can persuade his family to try an intervention. Anyone who would but a link to Fox News Channel on their blog without posting, "Warning! reading news and views on Fox News' website can lead to distortion of truth and warping of reality", obviously doesn't believe in the good mental health of his fellow human beings.

Redstate said...

I seriously considered actually addressing what you wrote, but you lefties are so brain-dead (while shouting in your echo chamber) that I realized it was useless.
Since a true dialogue is out of the question (your primitive synapses can't handle it), that leaves ridicule and ad hominem attacks. Since those are two of the left's favorite tactics, it's fun to turn the tables and listen to you shriek, whine, and curse in response.

Robert Rouse said...

And that goes for people who "put" a link to FNC as well as the people who "but" a link.

Man, is my face red!

Redstate said...

Robert rouse:

Comedy gold.

Macswain said...

Wait ... maybe Auburnite got something right ... he called me jackbooted for quoting Rumsfeld.


Crabbi said...

Hey Alicia,

Is it OK if I call Auburnite an asshole? I mean, it's your blog, after all :)

Crabbi said...

And Bill O'Lielly's one-man boycott of all things Français - too cute for words!

Yes, but he isn't totally against multiculturalism. He does like falafel. I hear he's really into it - likes to lather it p and rub it down with a loofah. He's a sexy guy.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's safe to say our dear friend Auburnite won't be coming up to Canada anytime soon.

Good thing, too, for him - that mouth opens up here, yeah, we're nice about it at first ... as soon as one of our own gets called braindead, though, (and remember our right is like the US left so I imagine it would happen quick) he'd have about 20 hockey sticks jammed simultaneously up his ass.

Sad thing is he'd probably enjoy that.

(sorry Alicia if that's a bit much in posting - your blog, unsure of the rules - but it is a lovely thought, is it not?)


Alicia Morgan said...

Gee whiz - I was at work and missed the whole brou-ha-ha...

How darling! My first troll!

I did say that this blog welcomes those that disagree, but I must say it's rather unsporting to come out of the gate hurling insults. Too bad Auburnite has already cut off possibility of a rational discussion. If insulting strangers and waiting for a reaction is your idea of a good time, that's more than sad. The only shrieking and whining I've noticed so far is yours.

Of the few conservatives who have come to this blog, the only impolite and disrespectful visitor has been you. The others have asked a question or raised a point without resorting to second-grader spite. You're special!

As Crabletta said, this is my own little cyber-home - one which is open to others to visit, but not trash. Yes, this is the place that I rant and rave, and it's obvious that there are plenty of people who don't agree with me, but I try to behave in the blogosphere as I would in the 'real' world. If I visit someone else's blog, if I disagreed with their point of view, I would not barge in and start attacking.

But that's just me.

Some people find cyber-space the ideal place to act in a way that they never would in real life - or, maybe some people act exactly the same way in real life! Either way, it's pretty pathetic. I try to treat my cyber-friends the way I treat my 'real' friends - because they are my real friends. That's what a blog is for me - a way to connect, not the cyber equivalent of TP'ing someone's house, or knocking down their mailbox with a baseball bat.

The people who post here on a regular basis are people who have gotten to know about each other from their writing, which is as personal a way as any other. I can't imagine that Auburnite collects too many friends with that suave and charming approach.

But since Auburnite's own blog is rather, uh, Spartan, it's difficult to determine any point of view except by links to other sites - among them, Christian ones. Is this an example of what Jesus would do? Somehow, I can't imagine Jesus hopping over to my blog and trashing me and my visitors without provocation.

But, perhaps I just don't know enough about real Christian values. Yeah - that's it!

Way to help me see your point of view! That'll convince me for sure.

My blog does not have rules other than what people decide for themselves. A post would have to be pretty awful for me to remove it, but if it is, I will, as much for the sake of other visitors as for my own.

Oops - does that sound too much like...'freedom'?

Redstate said...

G said:
he'd have about 20 hockey sticks jammed simultaneously up his ass.

The 20 hockey sticks would never make it to their destination, for the simple fact that 7.62 FMJ trumps hockey sticks anytime.

Alicia Morgan said...

All right, Auburnite - this has been trés amusant, but you're taking it to the place we don't go around here. Good-bye.

Alicia Morgan said...

Further comments from Auburnite will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of everyone's favorite rightie, in lieu of commenting on last left he's now commenting on LB.

Turns out he liked what we had to say so much, that it all wound up on his site here.

Wow. Some people have nothing better to do than to spin, spin, spin, right outta control.

But at least he's making us famous. Thanks Auburnite, for making the sites you quoted become even more well-known.

Peace, BuddyFromTheRight. Stay greased. You'll be more comfy that way.

Cheers Alicia - that was fun!
G the LB

Unknown said...

Alicia, great post! The word I have come to detest is "VALUES". It makes my skin crawl. Espcially when used by dubya, cat-killer frist, santorum or delay. I've always laughed at the phrase "family values" and like the word "free," usually when you see things claiming they are a "value," it means you are going to PAY.

How cute that you got your first troll. He sounds like an imbecile, but that's par for the course, eh? I liked his gun pic. Cowards always hide behind them. What a wimp.

Thanks again for the great post.

Liz said...

I often wonder what people actually do mean when they use the words freedom or free. Seriously. If you asked people to define the word, what would they say?

btw, thanks to G (and Auburnite's hissy fit) I surfed onto this blog.

Robert Rouse said...

I'm not sure if Auburnite has a permit for that weapon or not. How about we test that proposition and send some ATM guys to check him out? Shouldn't be that difficult for the Feds to figure out who the blog belongs to. Cyber fingerprints are pretty easy to follow. Just ask BTK killer, Dennis Rader. He sent a diskette to the newspaper and the government was able to trace the diskette back to a church computer. Just a thought. But a comforting one nonetheless.

Alicia Morgan said...

Gee, I missed out again. The pic he's so jazzed about is not up anymore...Robert, you may have made him think twice.

Helen, that's another hum-dinger - 'values'...also can mean 'worst value', 'no value' or 'negative value', which often seems to fit!

G - I apologize for the leakage...

Liz - welcome to Hooterville! I guess there's a bright side even to trolls.

Anonymous said...

Ah, shit happens. No worries, not your fault. A traffic drive to LB, so it's all good. If only he knew of the GOOD he was doing us ...

... exemplified in Liz (who has a great library blog btw) finding your blog through this, Rouse finding mine, and us finding theirs respectively. More voices to aid the cause, working together now because of the troll. Excellent.

Alicia Morgan said...

Yes, G - divine purpose, no doubt! I'm sure such a fine Christian must be very happy doing the Lord's work like that...

Unknown said...

Oh, the irony. Gotta love it. Poor Auburnite helping the evil liberals without intending to.


Crabbi said...

Yes, he's bringing all us crazy libs together. Not that we need his help, but I do feel like singing Kumbaya now. Thanks, Auburnite! xoxo

Alicia, here is the gun pic. It's lovely...

Alicia Morgan said...

Oh my - what a rodent. Imagine taking pride in being a troll.

Alicia Morgan said...

And imagine bragging about representing conservatives - "We have the best trolls ever! Our trolls are way assholier than liberal trolls!