Monday, March 15, 2010

Safe For At Least Six Weeks!

Update -  the next sale date is in six weeks; a lot can happen in that time.

Thanks to all for the encouragement!


Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy said...

A hearty Hooterville woo-hoo!

darkblack said...

May the better days to come arrive sooner, Alicia.


Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, friends! Your support keeps us going.

Unknown said...

Alicia, I'm so glad you got an extension. I only heard about this yesterday. I wish there was something I could do... is there???

Take care, doll :)

Batocchio said...

I was glad to hear this. So what's the latest? You have a lawyer or someone similar going to bat?

Alicia Morgan said...

We have had a wonderful mortgage broker who has been working with us for free - since last October! - to try to keep us in our house. They completely ignored her for months, until they posted the sign on our door to announce the auction date for our house. She is a saint, and I will be posting about her also. She is so furious about these criminals that this is what she spends her time doing - fighting the bankers.

The good guys are out there, too.