Friday, March 19, 2010

Please, Bite the Fattest, Whitest Part of My Ass, John Boehner

 (Warning: the following post contains subject matter and language that some readers may find objectionable. Including me.)

Now, it's personal.

I thought I was pissed off before.


Is there no end to the gall, the hubris, the entitlement, the greed, the stunning hypocrisy of these disgusting sons of bitches?

I was kick-started into blogging for real in early 2005, with the advent of the Bankruptcy Bill, one of the foulest and most vile pieces of legislation to be excreted from the alimentary tract of Congress. Elizabeth Warren was writing about it at the time, which was when I began following her work. It's five years later, and I am now one of the people who has been sucker-punched by the end result of the long-term thievery by these white-collar criminals who have re-distributed the nation's wealth topward with the blessing of the system.

Class warfare? Damn skippy. The same kind of warfare that was waged against Iraq - a weakened, destitute and war-ravaged country, with no military to speak of, yet possessed of resources that Bushco and the neocons were determined to make their own, by hook or by crook.

And now House Minority Leader John Boehner (yeah, sure, it's pronounced 'Bay-ner'. Uh huh. Right.) is standing proudly in solidarity with the poor beleaguered banksters against the might of those little punk staffers all-powerful regulators who are determined to crush these fragile blossoms beneath the heel of their regulatory jackboots, so of course this will only mean that banks will have no alternative but to... deny credit and raise fees. See, it was those darn oppressive regulations that caused the financial industry to collapse in the first place. If only there were less regulation, everything would have been just fine! If it wasn't for those rich and powerful homeowners, having the nerve to complain about being used as ATMs for the financial sector, and not just handing over their homes at gunpoint, this whole unpleasantness could have been avoided.

See what they made us do?

It's gotten to the point where the oligarchs don't even try to pretend to care abut what they've done to the rest of America. When the House Minority Leader can openly proclaim his disdain for the people who are trying, however ineffectively, to find a way to prevent more of the uncontrolled speculation and thievery that has plunged us into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and shamelessly suck up to the perpetrators of this disaster, we know that they are secure in the knowledge that the game continues to be rigged in Wall Street's favor, and that the noise from Main Street is nothing more than the irritating buzzing of mosquitos.

And the idea that people have a right to be protected from the excesses of banking financial speculation? Ask Boehner:
Boehner said he urged bankers not to be shy when meeting with the lawmaker staff members and to send a message that new regulations and taxes translates to into banks having less available for lending.
"Don't let those little punk staffers take advantage of you and stand up for yourselves," Boehner said. "All of us are hearing from our friends and constituents on lack of credit, you can't get a loan, the more your government takes and taxes, the more regulations you have to comply with the more cost you have there and less amount you are going to have available to loan to customers."
And what is the solution?
The banking committee is concerned about the bill's intention to create an independent consumer financial protection division, with a presidentially appointed chairperson, within the Federal Reserve. They argue that bank regulators should continue to be responsible for protecting consumers as well as making sure financial institutions have sufficient capital. The proposed consumer unit would write rules for mortgages and credit card products. (emphasis mine)
There you have it, friends.

Just let the banks regulate themselves.

After all, it's worked marvelously so far.

And we certainly can't have the poor widdle banks being taken advantage of, now, can we, John? They should no longer continue to cower and cringe meekly in a corner while the thuggish regulators run rough-shod all over them, am I right?

Banks? Taken advantage of by Congressional staffers? Are you motherfucking kidding me?

Well, John Boehner,  you and your bankster butt-buddies can kiss my whole entire ass. And go fuck yourselves crosswise while you're at it.


cognitive dissident said...

Boehner is a real tool, all right...

Today, he claimed that reforming federal student loans would "eliminate every bank in the country".

If he were any less dangerous, I'd have no trouble ignoring everything he says.

Alicia Morgan said...

I know, cd - if only I didn't have to pay him any attention at all. It's kind of like being a garbage collecter - nasty job, but someone has to do it...