Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Resource For Mortgage Issues -!

I am very pleased to announce that I will be writing for a great new blog dedicated to exposing the shameful truth about what is happening in the banking and finance industries, written by people who are dealing with the reality of the loan modification process that was intended to help people stay in their homes, but instead has given the banks more incentive to foreclose. It's called, run by Huffington Post mortgage blogger Richard Zombeck, and will make its official debut tomorrow.

While blogging over the last few days about my own mortgage woes, I came across his excellent post "I Refuse to be Ripped Off". You know me - a post with that title is sure to catch my eye, so I read it and followed the link to his own site, where I commented on another of his articles, "Loan Modifications: a $4 Billion Con Game". He contacted me and invited me to join the Shame the Banks team, and now I will be hooked up with all the most pertinent information, as well as contributing to a blog that I feel should be required reading for anyone with any connection at all to the home loan situation.

About Shame the Banks:

This site has been created for me, for you, and for millions of other Americans fighting the banking system to save the roof over their heads.  This site is not just about shaming the banks however; it’s about shaming each and every person that any of us have reached out to for assistance only to be denied, pushed aside and lied to.
It has become abundantly clear that Congress, Wall Street and the Banks are not concerned about the American Family.  Daily we  turn on the TV and watch the endless Dog and Pony shows that are created to distract Americans from the real issues facing us and our families.
We are done being lied to and done being treated as second hand citizens. It is time that the truth is told and we, who have been - and still are being - dragged thru the dirty cogs of the Banking Industry, are going to tell it.  It is time that each and every member of Congress is held accountable for their actions or inactions that has led this great Nation to what it has become today.
At Shame the Banks, there are articles covering the latest developments in foreclosure and mortgage issues, as well as upcoming focus on credit card and student loan issues, blogs, and also personal stories from the people who are going through the process of attempting to keep their houses after being lied to, scammed and cheated by the banksters.

If you have a story or are involved in or considering a loan mod, I urge you to go over to Shame the Banks and share it. The more people stand up and speak out on this, the more the public will learn the reality of what's going on in the mortgage crisis, not the media spin.

Plus, I'll be there with you!


Bridget Magnus said...

Glad to hear about Shame The Banks! I am a Realtor, and believe me the shame doesn't stop when the foreclosure is done. I don't suppose they have room for somebody to talk about the crappy world of short sales and REO?

Alicia Morgan said...

Bet they do!! Thanks so much - please come by; your experience 'in the trenches' would surely be welcome.