Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Radio Interview This Morning - Basham & Cornell!

*Update below - audio link!

This morning I'll be talking to Lydia Cornell and Doug Basham on their wonderful Las Vegas-based morning progressive radio show Basham & Cornell. The show is on at 8 AM Pacific time.

I met Lydia at a Progressive Dems of LA meeting, and I was so impressed with her smarts, her humor and her spirituality. We were both in the process of writing books. At the time she was receiving death threats from Ann Coulter acolytes when the Coultergeist published Lydia's personal information online in retaliation for challenging Coulter's grotesque lies and misinformation thinly disguised as 'humor'. Doug Basham and I share similar backgrounds in music and magic (I was a magician's assistant) before becoming involved in progressive issues.

I am excited to be on their show!

Update - you can listen to the audio from the Oct. 15 show here!


Comrade Kevin said...

Here's wishing you well!

Unknown said...

BEST of luck! That's damn interesting about Coultergeist & Cornell. I have a rightwing troll who did that to me (I call it being "Malkinized" but maybe I should change that to being "Coultergeisted").

What IS it with neocons and trying to sic their more thuggish followers on people? I'm just lucky no one reads my stalker's blog.

Will you have a recording for us to hear?

Alicia Morgan said...

Thanks, CK - it turned out to be a very enjoyable interview! Lydia and Doug are both kindred spirits, and could not have been more kind and welcoming.

Helen - it's some scary shit, all right. You've always been braver than I about engaging the 'dark side'. But it's the classic authoritarian-follower syndrome. Dr. Altemeyer lists the defining characteristics of the authoritarian personality.

"The three most basic traits of the authoritarian personality are

• Conventionalism -- the tendency to accept and obey social conventions and the rules of authority figures; adherence to the traditional and accepted
• Authoritarian Submission -- submission to authorities and authority figures
• Authoritarian Aggression -- an aggressive attitude towards individuals or groups disliked by authorities; particularly those who threaten traditional values"

They are simultaneously submissive to their leaders and highly aggressive towards the 'enemies' of those chosen leaders.

Also, I've put up the link to the audio from the show.