Friday, October 03, 2008


Yesterday, I had a lovely lunch in Hollywood with my friend DivaJood of Journeys With Jood (and the previous mea culpa post). I met the Diva several years ago through an SCTV newsgroup, and we found out that we had many more things in common. The beauty of the Interwebs is that I got to meet her at all. Even though she is relatively close by as the crow flies, we wouldn't have connected since our work and social circles don't intersect. So I'm lucky that our paths crossed this way.

I was sent this great link to a hilarious Sarah Palin rap video. Enjoy!

Managed to survive the debate without my brains dissolving into mush and leaking out of my head. Biden rocked; Palin was a small-town weather girl. I kept expecting "Film at eleven!" as she mugged for the camera. She had the TV personality's unsettling trick of staring directly into the lens - it's creepy how camera-cognizant she was. I'll go into more detail in the next post later today. But Biden did great, and he had quite a tightrope to walk.


enigma4ever said... cool...and wonderful that you all got to meet....and so nice to see both of you...
ahhhh the wonder of the internets..

( I am ordering your book at my library- congratulations....)

( I am stealing the Palin video- too funny...thanks )

DivaJood said...

Alicia, Lunch was the one and only bright spot in the day! Between the debate and the Cubs, I'm truly depressed. But you are my mentor, really. I salute you.

And the wonder of the Interwebs, from SCTV to blogging, I am so proud to be your friend. You really rock the house.

Unknown said...

SO great to see you ladies out having lunch & such a cute pic!!!

Alicia, I got your book & am reading it now, it is AWESOME!

I actually enjoyed the debates. I laughed so hard at Palin while all my friends were busy cringing. I just could NOT take it seriously.

REally, refusing to answer Ifill's questions and then spouting a bunch of crap by rote, all the while channeling someone from Hee Haw?

I dunno... to me that's comedy gold!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of you two!

Dianne said...

I LOVE the photo! Now I've seen it on both blogs :)

I can't even talk about the debate anymore. I have spent hours trying to get the becha, gocha, wink crap out of my mind!

Comrade Kevin said...

I think the VP debate will be an afterthought in an extremely lengthy election cycle.

Alicia Morgan said...

e4e - we had a great time. I love the Diva's artwork (self-portrait) but don't you think she's cuter in person? Thanks for your encouragement!

Helen - you're right. I have to admit, the Palin is comedy gold. I was in the car when the debate started, and I tuned in just in time to hear her tell Ifill that 'she wasn't going to answer the way they wanted her to.' Where the fuck did she think she was? The Newlywed Game? Hollywood Squares?

Next time, Helen, come join us!

Dcup - thanks! My Crackberry takes pretty decent pics for a phone, I think.

Dianne - welcome to Hooterville! I'm so glad to make your acquaintance. I have you up on the blogroll - at least you don't have to suffer the interminable wait that Diva endured...

ck - it's too long, yet all too short at the same time. Only a month much perfidy to expose before then.

Unknown said...

By the way, Alicia, you were a topic of convo between me and my sis today - she reads my blog, loves your writing and is just so happy about your new book. Said to pass on the kudos - we both are thrilled.