Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hooray! AM New York Says I'm A 'Rabble-Rouser'!

I received a newspaper review from AM New York.

If they meant to be critical by calling me a 'rabble-rouser', then they do not know of whom they speak.

They couldn't give me a higher compliment. I'm thrilled. My aim is definitely to rouse the rabble. Fuck the phony 'objectivity' that thinks you can sit around and academically 'discuss' what is happening to our nation with the same kind of bloodless, dispassionate attitude with which one might lay wagers on an ant-race.

Hell yes, I'm mad; hell yes, I'm pointing fingers. It's way past overdue. The right has turned 'liberal' into an epithet that makes Democrats and the media alike quake in fear at the thought of being labeled as such; mostly because that's the Republicans' worst fear - real liberals, real liberalism. And the same can be said of 'angry liberals'! We have learned to back off of standing up for ourselves and our values for fear of being branded 'angry'.

Oh noo-oo-oo-o! Please, Mr. Luntz, pleeeze don't call us 'angry'! Look! You can kick us in the groin as hard as you like - we won't be mad! Go ahead! Kick us! See, we're not angry at all! Just don't call us that scary word!

Just as Barack Obama has to find a way to avoid being called the 'angry black man', so as not to ignite the fears and prejudices of the most ignorant section of the electorate, Democrats should know that calling us 'angry' is the Republican way of telling us what they're most afraid of - Democrats who are mad about the way they've been rolled in the back alley by this administration. When African-Americans decided they'd had enough of being treated like shit for hundreds of years, and decided to do something about it, civil-rights activists were accused of being 'angry', because those who had the power and privilege - white men - were terrified that they were going to have to deal with this just fury. So the tactic of accusing the disenfranchised of being 'angry' is a time-honored Republican tradition. And for the last eight horrific, traumatic years, Democrats have been disenfranchised.

Call me what you want. I don't care. I'm mad, and I hope you are, too.


Distributorcap said...


first of all i am almost done with the book - and i love that you are a rabble rouser. because you write so rabbling....!!!!!

second you know who owns AM New York (i read it every day because it is free and some guy shoves it in my hand when i walk into the subway, along with the other free paper - the Metro) - why none other than Rupert Murdoch!!!!!!

actually they are great subway papers -- very USA Today crap with long enough articles to read between each stop.

i didnt see your review

Alicia Morgan said...

Dcap - that's hi-larious. I didn't know what sort of paper AM NY was - my publisher sent me the review. Thanks, Rupert old bean! Here's to your demise!

The review was Wed. Oct 15.

Together, we shall rouse the rabble like the rabble has never been roused before!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! You are so right - rabble rouser? a definite compliment.

The right wingers hate to have their shit turned around on them. I agree with you, I want to take back the word liberal and use it properly. If Americans thought for two seconds about the real differences between conservatism and liberalism, they'd realize that this is a liberal country.

Unknown said...

Hell YES we're mad and hell NO we won't sit down, shut up, and act polite any more. That's done nothing for us but get us where we are now.

GREAT review. I would take rabble-rouser as a compliment as well.

Ha!! I still haven't had time to read much of the book but I'm getting there!!

Comrade Kevin said...

There sure are a whole lot of us who are angry out here. As far as choirs go, I think we're one of the best. :-)