Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Mention

I don't want to give Ann "The Man" Coulter any more cyber-ink, but I'll finish with this:

Yesterday, I went to Borders to get the new Greg Palast book, Armed Madhouse. I was hoping that it would be prominently displayed among the new releases, but, sadly, no. I had to have an employee look it up on the computer and get it for me. But what assailed my poor eyes as I entered the store? You guessed it. Bam! Row upon row of the Coultergeist, glaring belligerently at me, double-dog daring me to walk by her.

What a very sad state we're in.


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GreenSmile said...

Where is that book store? Here in Mass I don't see that kind of right-leaning marketing. I think I'll go over to B&N and see whats on display just to make sure I am not misremembering.

What is the bookstore's merchandising model, "If it smells, it sells"?