Thursday, June 29, 2006

Coultergeist Goes To Pottersville

The other day, I received a rather unpleasant e-mail from someone purporting to 'educate' me and all the other America-Hating Traitors (i.e. Democrats) who, for some unknown reason, take offense at the fascisistic, hate-filled ramblings of Ann "The Man" Coulter.

I have been slack on posting recently because family matters are taking precedence at the moment and I have neither the time or the emotional wherewithal to address this, so I passed it along to some of my blog friends to see if anyone was up to the challenge.

Thanks to Blue Gal passing it along, the redoubtable JurassicPork at Welcome To Pottersville picked up the gauntlet and did a bang-up job of exposing this execrable screed for what it is - mean-spirited wingnuttery attempting to masquerade as 'intellectualism'. Of course, when I replied to his e-mail by asking to be removed from his spam list, his reply was (and I quote:)
hey spam is commercial I am just trying to help you learn to think??
My reply was:
If you would like to help me 'learn to think', learn how to write. A statement is not followed by double question marks.
And, of course, spam is not only commercial - it is any unwanted and unsolicited e-mail. Commas, capitalization and periods would not also be amiss if one wishes to be taken seriously.

So, please stop on by at Pottersville (love that name - and it's right close by Hooterville!) and check out JurassicPork's take on it.

And thanks to those who unselfishly sullied their eyes for the cause...


jurassicpork said...

Coultergeist. Ann "The Man" Coulter. My drawers. Oh my.

Thanks for the link. It's an honor being your neighbor, neighbor.

Yoga Korunta said...

Blue Gal is the Greatest!

jurassicpork said...

Alicia: I'd love to have this guy's email addy. Did you save it? I'd like to finish this reply and send it off to him.

TFLS said...

Alicia - I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with difficulties at home. I'm sending positive energy your way, my dear. I hope whatever it is - it's not too serious. You have my support whatever the situation - for what its worth.

And I have to say 'Coultergeist' is a wonderful word! My hats off to you for it - that rancid woman really needs to have a few demons come after her. And I would suggest they be of her own creation. Think what the world would be like if what we actually say and do could follow us about. Girlfriend there would be locked up with the screaming ‘mimi’s’ in 10 seconds flat!

DivaJood said...

Alicia, I hope you are surviving in Florida. Also keeping you in my prayers.

I'm glad that Jurassicpork handled this. When you sent it out to all of us, I replied that he wasn't worth dignifying with a response - but Jurassicpork really hit a home run.

Maybe now that Rush Limpdick has Viagra, he and Ann can get together.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter is corgialy (Red State Spelling) invited to do something that my mother never even acknowledged could happen in the world.