Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Am Afraid

I am afraid. Do you know what I'm afraid of?

I'm not afraid of Iraq.

I'm not afraid of Islamic terrorists.

I'm not afraid of Iran.

I'm not afraid of Osama Bin Laden.

I am afraid that all the information is going to come out, that the truth will be laid bare for all America to see…and it won't matter.

That the ugly reality of what George Bush and his band of verminous cohorts has perpetrated upon us, upon our dead soldiers, upon a country who never attacked us, upon our Constitution, upon our former 'freedoms', upon our very definition of what it means to be an American, will be shown up in broad daylight for what it is…and no one will care.

That the work of people like Greg Palast, who relentlessly and tirelessly exposes the secrets of this grotesque administration both at home and abroad, will be for nothing…because it will be met with indifference.

That's really what I'm scared of.

Because that's what's happened so far.

Every day, fresh hells are revealed. Every day, more horrific abuses are uncovered, and no one seems particularly bothered, except the usual suspects - us shrill, screechy left-wing moonbats.

All along, I've been wondering just how bad it has to get before Americans will get off their asses and register some kind of discomfort with these crimes. I can only conclude that, incredibly, it hasn't gotten bad enough yet.

There was a time when I thought that it was only because we didn't know that we didn't care. I thought that, once the American people had access to the truth, that they would demand a change. That they would stand up and put a stop to the corrupt regime who is decimating our way of life to fatten their bottom line.

But, like alcoholics who stubbornly refuse to see that their drinking is destroying not only their lives but the lives of everyone who loves them, the American people are simply cruising down that river in Egypt, Denial, sipping the Kool-Aid as they float along, comfortably numb.

That is what frightens me to the marrow of my bones.


Yoga Korunta said...

Bread and beer.

oldwhitelady said...

As it scares me, too. I don't understand how the right was able to be so loud and vocal about Clinton's you-know-what, but manage to keep everyone's voices down, when it's something important.

Alicia Morgan said...

I don't either, OWL. I really don't. There's something so wrong here.

DivaJood said...

The right tells a story very effectivly. That story is the same story that was told in Germany. We've been attacked, and it will happen again at any second now; illegal immigrants are sneaking across your borders, stealing your fair share; and the Godless Left won't take care of you, because they are Godless Pacifists.

We're imprisoned in this because the first part of the story paralyzes people: we are going to be attacked again. This is why I firmly believe Bushco KNEW the attacks were going to happen exactly as they did.

We're all afraid of this administration.

TFLS said...

Yes - exactly. 2 1/2 more years - imagine the destruction. I do. I imagine it all the time. I get nightmares imagining it. I imagine war with Iran, Syria, Korea and - god forbid - China. I imagine America strip-mined to her bedrock, polluted beyond belief and economically devastated to the point no one who isn't a multi-millionaire can live here. I have a very active imagination, thank you; though I really wish I didn’t!

JM said...

You've summed the things that keep me awake at night. I keep telling myself that this is unfounded cynicism, but with each new event that points out just how broken and corrupted the process of government has become, I keep listening for the cries of outrage and hearing silence. I keep telling myself that the next election will be different, but the recent revelations suggesting the very integrity of the electoral process has been compromised, and the recent results of the special election to fill Duke Cunningham's seat leave me very scared.

Alicia Morgan said...

I agree, FLS, but I must admit that in 2000, as nauseated as I was by the selection results, even my wild imagination did not dream up the reality that has been shoved up our collective hoo-hoos.

Me, too, JM - what the hell is going on with these people? How bad does it have to get? Will we put up with worse? Apparently so.

Unknown said...
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Gary said...

Well put. I just posted a newspaper article on fear - pretty tame, but you nailed it - be afraid of apathy and indifference. All the 'wake-up' in the world won't matter if we dream our way through it... watching TV sports and reality shows, eating, drinking and imagining it's all okay.

GreenSmile said...

This is one of the more consistent themes in my blog. It says in my synagogues High Holiday prayer book:

A mighty fortress is self deception.

Most of us could just stop reading at the line of the book and not go on to the next prayer until we really really got it.

You got it.

Alicia Morgan said...

"A mighty fortress is self deception."


Fran / Blue Gal said...

This is why I was so un-cheered by the smackdown given bush by SCOTUS. What difference does it make? The prisoners at Guantanamo will just rot another five and Roberto "whatever we want to do is legal" Gonzales will do nothing to bring them to trial.

But $3 gas. and flag burning. That gets people upset.

Wanna bet Exxon stages a price drop October Surprise in gas prices for their friends at the White House?

Alicia Morgan said...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised. That's just what I think too. The so-called 'smackdown' was a lash with a wet noodle.