Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes, Attaturk Said It Best!

"He dodged those things like they were 'Vietnam'"


But the real kicker is that he has no idea how badly he was shamed!

Ignorance is bliss.


Fran said...

That is hilarious.

And you are right - he is clueless as ever that he was so shamed.

34 days... please make it go fast.

Comrade Kevin said...

The perfect bookend to the Bush Presidency, one shoe at a time.

Jolly Roger said...

He also has no idea what day of the week it is, how to make babies, how to eat pretzels, or how to speak in legible sentences.

The moronic monkey is certainly a horror show all his own, but the fact that about 1 in 5 of us think he's the reincarnation of Jesus is even more horrifying. I had no idea inbreeding was so widespread in this country.