Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Blog Friends Rule Because...

...when I go to check in with them, in commenting on their posts, I get whole ideas for posts of my own - verbatim from my comments and e-mails!

So if some of these posts seem vaguely familiar, check your comments or e-mail inbox.


Distributorcap said...

feel free to steal rob cheat and copy from me

neatness counts


i would be flattered

Comrade Kevin said...

Some of us have learned that trick before, too!

Ben There said...

Just purchased your book from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Found you through that pissed off veteran.

Alicia Morgan said...

DCap - Neatness counts? Damn. I'm screwed!

Kevin - it happens that way more often than most. I write something as a comment, then I realize, "Hey - that's a new post!" Whatever it takes, I guess!

Hi Ben - welcome to Hooterville! Thank you for ordering the book - I hope you like it. I've added you to the blogroll, and I hope to see you aroud the 'sphere! There's a rocking chair on the front porch here for you anytime.

Cheyanne said...


I caught you on the Barry Lynn Show by accident. I listen to Barry and like his attitude. However, your blog was on my blogroll before that. Check me out if you have time.

Did anybody nominate you for the 2008 Blog Awards? If not they should.


Alicia Morgan said...

Hi Cheyanne - thanks so much for visiting! I have checked you out; very cool blog, and you're now on my blogroll too. It was such a thrill to be able to be on Barry's show.

I've been involved with AU for the past couple of years and this year at their annual conference in DC I was able to give Barry and other AU attendees a copy of my book. I didn't expect him to be so quick about reading the book and inviting me on his show. I love that they really get the blogger thing and they support our efforts to be eyes and ears for the public, however imperfectly, since the MSM has decided that it's more important to please its corporate owners than to fulfill its First Amendment duties.

Hope you come back to visit; we have a nice time here.

Alicia Morgan said...

Oh - about the Blogger Awards - no one's nominated me but I did nominate myself. I have no shame. I made it into the finals in 06, but honestly, the blog was much stronger then because I was not writing my book and had all my writing energies focused on the blog.

But, if you don't throw your hat into the ring, you're guaranteed not to win!

Mauigirl said...

That's the beauty of blogging - you can build off each other!