Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Neo Con

Sarah Palin is indeed the perfect GOP neo-con wet dream. She embodies every aspect of the Dick Cheney neoconservative model - the ruthlessly impassive blood-lust and willingness to see pre-emptive striking as the first and best answer to any problem, and the craftiness to slyly poke volatile adversaries with a sharp stick, so as to encourge them to attack, thereby claiming that we ‘must defend ourselves’, the penchant for secrecy and the withholding of information on her part combined with utter disregard for privacy on the public’s part, the tendency to use the power of public office to intimidate and silence opposition and to destroy perceived ‘enemies’, meaning anyone who will threaten her ability to do whatever she wants, regardless of moral, ethical, or legal questions.

Yes, she’s all that and a bag of chips - but with an added bonus that even Cheney, in all his Straussian glory, lacks - that hard-core evangelical streak that neocons believe the ‘masses’ must have in order to keep from descending into chaos and anarchy, but which the true intellectuals who are in charge have no need for. She is a frothy, creamy sundae of Christian Soldier and Neocon Whip, with a lavish sprinkling of nuts on top. No cherry, though.

To underestimate her is to underestimate the power of PNAC. She is Bush and Cheney 2000 rolled into one. After all, who would have thought before the Selection of 2000 that the PNAC nutballs whose views were considered so extreme during the Clinton administration that even mainstream Republicans shied away from them were preparing their organization for the day Republicans returned to power so that they could spin their neoconservative ideas into official U.S. policy.

Just what do you think George W. was being fed during his pre-presidential 'education'?

Yes, Palin is a confection of neocon perfection - a Bush/Cheney/Coulter/Schlafly soufflé, puffed up and covered in cascades of gooey fundie sauce, and ready to be shoved down your throats. Or perhaps you'd prefer Baked Alaska?

Bon appétit, you sad bastards.


DivaJood said...

She's quite dangerous. And given the reality that McCain/Palin could indeed find themselves in the White House, the thought of President Palin is enough to give me nightmares.

I'm off to Culver City tomorrow to make calls for Obama. Mid-October, I'm going to Nevada to work for Obama because it is a crucial swing state.

We have got to stop this slide into disaster.

Ron said...

"Sarah Palin doesn't need to know the Bush Doctrine...Sarah Palin is the Bush Doctrine."
-Jon Stewart

Outstanding work, Alicia.

Unknown said...

Great work, Alicia!!

Plus, I'm tagging you... hope you aren't too busy to join in this meme; it's a good 'un.