Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hypocrisy So Thick, You Can Eat It With a Fork

"Taxpayer Mortgage Assistance A Deal-Breaker For Republicans".

I might have known.

These thugs are happy to mortgage our children's and our grandchildren's financial futures so as to spare the wealthiest corporate gamblers, swindlers and spendthrifts a moment's discomfort over the mess they made robbing us blind. But make an attempt to help the victims of this theft - even in the smallest way - and they're beside themselves in righteous indignation.

All of a sudden it's 'too expensive'. All of a sudden they 'can't afford it'.

Child, please.

That's Republicanism for you. Helping corporate thieves avoid any consequences for their thievery is "necessary". Helping the taxpayers they stole from is a "deal breaker." And they don't blink an eye while saying this.

While Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, predictably roll over and agree because they 'need Republican votes to get this bill passed.'

What a thing to stand on principle on - adamantly refusing to assist the taxpayer whom they intend to saddle with a trillion dollar debt in order to make things better for the criminals.

There is a point where I simply cannot wrap my head around this. I'm not anatomically equipped.


darkblack said...

'There is a point where I simply cannot wrap my head around this. I'm not anatomically equipped.'

Well, you're a musician...By definition, a superior creature (Kenny G excepted).


Alicia Morgan said...

Helen - I hate that Dems are so damn complicit. *smacks head against wall*

DB - if only I could drown out that giant sucking sound of the money being drained out of our pockets, that would be of some use.

Unknown said...

After checking out your website, it's my conclusion that it's not because you're anatomically ill-equipped. I think it's your lack of brain cells.

Have a great day!!

Unknown said...

Uh-oh, look, a trollie attempted an "oh snap" moment, Alicia! And failed miserably. "Susan" leaves one wondering if her IQ is any higher than her shoe size. My guess would be "no".