Sunday, December 18, 2005

News Flash - Bush Tells Truth!

From the Guardian:
Suspected polling violations on voting day last week far exceeded the number in Iraq's first election in January, local and international monitors said yesterday.

On the deadline for filing complaints, the number of alleged violations which could swing results in the 275-seat parliament was "well into double figures", an accredited international election observer, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

In January there were only five of these "red" complaints, the observer added. Red complaints are alleged breaches serious enough to potentially hand a seat to a party or election bloc unfairly. The election commission has declined to say how many such complaints it has received, but several parties handed in dossiers listing breaches allegedly seen by their monitors.

Secular Arab parties have accused the Shia religious bloc, which dominates the current government, of intimidating voters in Baghdad and many southern cities.

Well, the Resident told us he wanted to bring American-style democracy and elections to Iraq. He seems to have succeeded admirably.

It looks like he has finally told the truth for once in his life.


Unknown said...

Damned if he didn't inadvertently speak some truth, indeed!

I knew their elections would be fixed, but I guess they were spectacularly so. Bushco has perfected election fraud. When will enough folks talk about it??

this is why I love Mark Crispin Miller.

Alicia Morgan said...

I do too, Helen - I bought his book Fooled Again - very enlightening.