Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Song For Our Time, By My Husband

My husband, David Morgan, is an incredible singer/songwriter/piano player, and last year he wrote a song with a unique and touching perspective on the 'War On Terror'. I'd really like to share it with you all.

This is the link to the song itself - on the website we are selling it as a 99¢ download, but we don't want to ask you to pay; we'd like to invite you to listen. You can go to the website for information about the song, lyrics, etc.

I hope it speaks to you like it speaks to me.


Unknown said...

Wow, that's really powerful and touching. Thanks for posting, and please tell David he did an incredible job!!

Crabbi said...

Thank you for sharing that, Alicia and David. What a beautiful and moving song.

The Voice said...


Thank you two so much. What a beautiful song.


The Voice said...

I just bought it ;O)

Couldn't buy the entier CD though. Is there something wring with that link?


Alicia Morgan said...

J - thank you! You are beyond sweet. This really was not a sales solicitation - in fact it was the opposite, as both David and I want as many people to hear the song as possible. People have to be able to look beyond the 'friend or enemy, with us or against us' mentality that is destroying our world, and we hope that this song can give people a glimpse of that.

The other link is just a mail-to link to us; it's not a full CD, just a hard copy of the song, with a case and such. His partner wanted to charge that, since we don't have them in bulk, I just make them up at home.

Thank you so much, not only for the 99¢, but for the support that it represents. It means a lot.