Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My Contest Entry

Here's my entry in The First Annual Katherine Harris Colorized Photo Contest, hosted by The Tattered Coat.

I'm going for subtle elegance.


Anonymous said...

subtle elegance, indeed! +10 points for the jowls.

Anonymous said...


A quick blogwhore:

For more enjoyment of Photoshopping, swing by LB and check out the Uncle Sam collection. And yes, one of them is mine. I love Photoshop - wish I had more time to use it!

kissfan said...

I agree with g. EEEEEEEEK! The woman's startling enough as it is. This is just creepy.


Crabbi said...

OMG, Alicia, you're scaring me :)

Did you sread about this loon's complaints that newspapers colorized her photos? She'd go nuts if she saw this.

Alicia Morgan said...

Indeed I did, Crabby - I was in Tampa at the time, close to where she slithered out of, and they had several articles discussing her indignation at somehow being singled out for colorization.

She and Robert Novak were commiserating about it; both so attractive that their beauty must be stopped at any cost by the partisan left-wing media...

The Voice said...

Lord knows all a neo-con reporter has to say is 'bullshit!' and they are exempt from responding to avoid prosecution... Gotta love Cable news.

How I wish David Chappelle was around to spoof this.