Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why Isn't Anyone Screaming?

Am I crazy? Does anyone else see this as a big deal?
This from Buzzflash by Greg Palast:
Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has, "IMPEACH HIM" written all over it.

The top-level government memo marked "SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL," dated eight months before Bush sent us into Iraq, following a closed meeting with the President, reads, "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WDM. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Read that again: "The intelligence and facts were being fixed...."

For years, after each damning report on BBC TV, "Isn't this grounds for impeachment?" Vote rigging, a blind eye to terror and the bin Ladens before 9-11, and so on. Evil, stupidity and self-dealing are shameful but not impeachable. What's needed is a "high crime or misdemeanor."

And if this ain't it, nothing is.

The memo, uncovered this week by the Times, goes on to describe an elaborate plan by George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to hoodwink the planet into supporting an attack on Iraq knowing full well the evidence for war was a phony.

Please, please read the rest of this and then tell me why this man is not being impeached this very minute.

Is this untrue? Does it not matter?

Bill Clinton was impeached over a sad little affair (if it could be dignified by the term). No one died. And his most vociferous and self-righteous attackers were - almost to a man, it seemed - guilty of marital transgressions many, many times more serious.

But it seems as if George W. Bush could hold up the bleeding, severed head of John Kerry and no one would give a rat's ass.

"He's a man of faith"
(so was Torquemada)
"He's the kind of guy you could sit and have a beer with"
(or two, or five, or fifteen - oh, I forgot he doesn't do that any more)
"He's a strong leader"
(so was Stalin)

Talk about your Teflon President.

Well, it's just another beautiful day in Hooterville.


wanda said...

" seems as if George W. Bush could hold up the bleeding, severed head of John Kerry and no one would give a rat's ass."

I'd say that just about sums it up.
I'm not sure even Teflon comes close to describing this guys abilities. Of course one only need take into consideration the presence of Rove and Cheney to understand how dubya continues to survive untarnished. The devils henchmen those two!

Alicia Morgan said...

I kept trying to think of something better than Teflon - Kryptonite? Astroglide? You're so right about the henchmen. But, my God, when are the people going to say 'enough is enough'? What's it going to take? I'm afraid to think!

Gothamimage said...

Sadly, Bush's supporters do not support Bush because they care about the law. Rather, it's an itch and the want to be scratched -like the hectic in their blood, Bush rages, and when he bombs, they feel cured.
Good post Alicia -look forward to seeing you stop by gothamimage.

Gothamimage said...

Thanks for stopping by-your comments served, as if like aliciaglide, to help grease the debate. The rightists were trying to take over my comment space, so I need all the assistance I can get:)

Alicia Morgan said...

My pleasure! Keep fighting the good fight!

Gothamimage said...

Per your insightful comment about 'no pain, no gain' Gonzales, a while ago on my blog I post a rap in his honor of his elevation to AG;

Gangsta-zales: Da Original A.G. At Da D.O.J.

Yo! Yo! Yo! - Gangsta-zales is in the house!*
Yo! Yo! Yo! - Gangsta-zales is in the heeeeeooooooouse!

Who dat be?

You Da MC ! You Tell Me!
He Be Gonzales, Da Original A.G. At Da D.O.J.!

What You Say?

You Heard Me, He Da Original A.G. AT Da D.O.J.!
Check It Ho! Listen A.G. - We Be Over To You....

Thank You MC, Been Poping Some Chill -At Da Dubya Grill

Mamma Christen'd Me Alberto
Made My Name At Gitmo
Me Memos Stoke Fear
More Than Any Ashcroft Seer!

Who Dat Be?
Suckah, listen to me, I be Da Original A.G. at Da D.O.J

Check It Ho's! , Check It Ho's!

House of Justice , House of Pain
All For Fun, Not Much Gain
Stuff up da butt, when we in a rut
Scream in da night, Zeus delight!

Suckah MC, I Be Da Original A.G. at D. O. J!
Condi Abscondi,
I Make Da Soldah Boldah!

Torture Enabled, The Terror Fable!
Geneva Ignored, Da Monkey Soared!
Harvard Defaced, Like Da Human Race!
You Dink Da People Care - 'Bout Hot Air

Who You Gonna Call?
Who You Gonna Call?


Da Original A.G. At D.O.J.

Dat Who.

Alicia Morgan said...

Yo dawg, that's 'off the chain'! (as they say in Abu Ghraib...)

Gothamimage said...

Lydie be chillin'
'Bout Abu Grillin

Goin' to jail
Beyond the pale

'off the chain'
'no pain, no gain'

Granier at night
Lyd's delight

Granier in da morning
Iraqi take warning

Quiet at the ranch
Dubya don't blanch

Laura's cassarole
Army rigamorole

Shock and awe
Barney's paw

Succors the night
Over Dems fright

Alicia Morgan said...

Dude, you're killing me! You just made that up now!


j said...

Make sure you bring this up next time you hear some fool talking about the liberal media. Seriouly- why isn't this all over the place?

It must be a plant. Maybe Dan Rather wrote it.

j said...


Thanks for visiting my site! I was going to post something similar to what you've written above- honestly, I feel your confusion. This should be a much bigger issue.

Gothamimage said...

MC Aliciaglide,
Thanks for the kind words 'bout my rap.

Personally - I prefer my gangsta-zales rap, and I was hoping that my inventing that nickname for him would stick and start to spread.

Gangsta-zlaes took a while to develop- at least a six mile walk.

Unfortunately- that has not been the case- I have check google and it seems that it has not caught on....YET!'

As far as the Bushbots go, they can kiss my black ass - and I'm not even black.

MC Whispers

Gothamimage said...

You are right about Randianism- Randians and Marxists, -the doctrinair ones, have more in common in day to day thought schema, than they would care to admit.

Robert Rouse said...

Alicia, I've been wondering why we aren't seeing this information on the main stream media news networks. I've been asking this question on my blog (A Little Left of Centrist) and no one seems to have an answer. Eventually, this will get out into public. At least I hope it does. Why is this information being kept so hush-hush?