Monday, May 16, 2005

Curious George Rides A Bike

Curious George was out for a spin on his neat new bike. He pedaled faster and faster. Whee! This was fun! The red, white and blue streamers on his handlebars fluttered in the breeze. He was riding with his big friends, when suddenly a plane flew overhead. But George didn't see it. His best girl Laura and his pal Dick were hustled off to a safe location, but George pedaled on and on. His big friends knew about the plane. They talked to each other on their neat new walkie-talkies, but they did not talk to George. They did not want to spoil George's fun. He loved to ride his bike. He zipped along, waving to his friends. After a while, George got tired. He had ridden his bike so far and fast! He turned around and rode back to his big White House, huffing and puffing. Then George's big friends told him about the plane.

What an exciting day!

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