Friday, July 23, 2010

Netroots Nation, Las Vegas - Day 2

Right now: listening to the inspirational Van Jones. Last night: heard Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

I've been enjoying hanging out with great online friends who I have known for a long time through blogging and Second Life, and finally met in person. It is an amazing feeling to tap into the real progressive energy and passion that is here at Netroots.

Plus, they are going to let me sell my book at the bookstore booth here!

Van Jones: "If wind power goes wrong, we won't have a 'wind slick'"

Van Jones: "When it gets harder to harder."


lisahgolden said...

Oh wow! Have a blast! You look great!

jurassicpork said...

Goddamn, sis, you're adorable.

Alicia Morgan said...

Bless you, bro! Of course, I am the Photoshop queen, and carefully edit my pix.