Friday, March 13, 2009

Bree Walker for Bay Area Progressive Talk - Green 960


There is an opening in the schedule at San Francisco's Green 960, in the afternoon drive-time slot, and I think my friend Bree Walker would be a perfect fit. The program director there, John Scott, likes her work, but she needs to have at least a few hundred e-mails sent to the station to even be considered for a shot at a tryout. Bree is a passionate, fiercely intelligent, informed and committed progressive voice, and a respected news professional (both TV and radio) and I think she would be just right on Green 960. She is up against some tough competition with much larger email lists and publicity tools, so if you could take a sec and send a quick e-mail or vote in the station's contest, it would be much appreciated.

Send your emails to John Scott at A good subject line would be "Bree Walker for 4-7pm" or something along those lines.

Also, you can vote at the station's website - just choose Bree Walker from the list.



Unknown said...

Shoot, Alicia! I think I already voted for someone for this so it wouldn't work.

Best of luck to Bree, though, and thanks for helping her out!!!

Tengrain said...

Done -



Alicia Morgan said...

Next time, Helen - thanks for the good thoughts!

Thanks, TG! IIRC, that's over your way, isn't it?