Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vote, Vote, Vote! Weblog Awards 2008

Raise your liberal hand, and vote for our fine friends who are up for quite a few 2008 Weblog Awards! I was a finalist a couple of years ago, when I was much more active, but have slowed down to the point where I am a spectator and cheerleader for my pals who are still hitting it hard. It's an honor to be nominated, especially since this is a conservative-sponsored contest, so mayjah props to our lefty bloggers who are in it to win it!

Here are my picks:

Best Individual Blogger -D r i f t g l a s s
Best Humor Blog - Jon Swift
Best Comic Strip - Town Called Dobson
Best Liberal Blog - Blue Gal
Best Science Blog - Pharyngula and Bad Astronomy
Best Blog Design -
Best Very Large Blog - Jesus' General
Best Large Blog - skippy the bush kangaroo
Best Small Blog - Rumproast
Best Up-And-Coming Blog - Simply Left Behind

I am just tickled beyond belief that I am fortunate enough to count many of these fine bloggers among my good friends, honored to count others among my acquaintances, and all of them among my list of faves - every one of the highest quality! (My Best Blog Design pick is not a liberal or political blog, but I like it so much that I wanted to include it.)


lisahgolden said...

Great choices all around!

Fran said...

Those are great choices and I have voted for them all thanks to you!!

Alicia Morgan said...

Nice to see such deserving folks get a little recognition!

Distributorcap said...

i voted for all your excellent recommendations

worldangel said...

Thanks for the comment :) We are happy to be included as the finalist...participating is part of the fun. We will try to see if we can be included again next year ;)