Monday, November 17, 2008

AU Bloggers - Let's Start Planning For Next Year!

Sue J of Nailing Jello to the Wall (did I say that that's my new favorite blog name?), who I didn't get a chance to really talk to, got me thinking about next year.

What if we start planning now to spend a few extra days in DC and really do it up right?

That was my only complaint about the Meetup - it was too short to get to talk to everyone I wanted to get to know!

As I said to FranIAm, I suggest we start now on planning for a few extra days in Washington - maybe start a kitty for that purpose, and try to clear our work schedules (for those of us in thrall to The Man) and really have a serious blogger hang.

If we all start throwing a few bucks a week into a kitty, by next year we'll be able to afford it, and those of us who have a little extra can help out those who don't, and a good time will be had by all. We can share rooms, find cool local places to eat and drink at, and see the sights (which I never have time to do.)

Plus, we'll have time to hook up with DC bloggers, and who knows what else?



Fran said...

You are brilliant -this is a great idea Alicia!

On the run but had to acknowledge! More later!!

Sue J said...

Oh, I think perhaps with 12 months' notice I might be able to block it out on my calendar next year!

Thanks for the blog mention -- John McCain likes the name, too, you know!@

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea!

BAC said...

I think it's an excellent idea! I would love to be able to spend more time with all of you. I'll do whatever I can to help!


ps: I've just been listening to some of your music and I LOVE IT!!

Farnsworth68 said...

Include me in that plan. I only got to see most of you for that brief meeting, and I'd love to spend some more time with you all.

Alicia Morgan said...

FranIAm & Dcup - I'm thinking about $15 bucks a week for myself. That should be enough to have a little fun for a few days. We deserve it!

SueJ - well, if Grampaw McDirt-Nap likes it, you know it's good enough for me!

BAC - cool! I think we would have such a blast. Thanks so much for calling in on the show! I'm glad you like the music. I'm thinking of incorporating it into my book signings (whenever I can start with them), and making a mixed event out of it.

Alicia Morgan said...

And, Farnsworth - definitely! We needed a lot more time to chat. Next year we'll really hang.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Sounds like a great idea! Let me know what you guys have planned & I think the GA Contingency can cooperate.